>As usual I’m winding down from a beautiful day thinking away. Whenever I have this much to think about I love writing it down, or in this case and the way technology has taken us, I’m typing it. So hear it is, the final stretch of high school, the last days to make all of this matter, all of it count, all of it worth while. So what to do, what to say? There’s so much and so little time to change the way things are and the way I will be remembered. I believe in my heart for the most part, people who knew me will know the real me and they will have great memories. But what about those who caught me on a bad day.. maybe a day I wasn’t as nice as I should have been. The truth is I guess they’ll remember me that way. And who am I to blame them?

I guess the next step is, what now? I don’t want to miss out on anything this life has to offer and I want to live and love and laugh. I want to be so filled with love that it splashes on to everyone around me. And I want to believe that there really is a love like that.
Time to open my eyes and start remembering to LOVE.


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