>Weekend pictures


We had an awesome memorial weekend! From grad party to meeting Sterlings family in Sherman and even taking out some time to babysit…we had a blast! XOXOWe’re always known to have fun at the Berlins! Our barn party brought a whole new meaning to the word “fun”! They were the sweetest hostesses and the party could not have been any better!
Disco will never die!
Made time during our busy weekend to go to the Little Big Town concert…VIP of course;P Memorial day has two options..pool party or baseball game.
We picked the second choice:)All in all the weekend (like most recently) has gone by too fast! Trying to grab onto these last days in High School…it’s getting harder and harder to do so cause graduation is coming up fast! Before I know it I’ll be at Baylor…living my new college life! I’m excited but at the same time I know I’m going to miss my Mom and Dad so so much not to mention Travis and The Berlins along with my sweet best friend Mr. Don Gamble. Through it all God will be my one constant..I’m so thankful Hes given me the life I have! I wouldn’t change a thing….

>Grad parties..grad parties…GRAD PARTIES!

>So so many grad parties recently! We had the senior picnic last friday which was super fun! I was so proud of my sweet Georgi getting everything set up! She worked hard and it was quiet the success! It was weird having our whole senior class there..all in one place probably won’t ever happen again except for graduation! So Friday night was mine and Whitneys grad party that the Berlins hosted…I’ve gotta admit it was the best grad party I’ve been to so far..but hey I’m a lil biased! Sterling got in right before it, I was so busy at the party I didn’t get to hangout with him but we danced a little and then after alot of people had left and we were tired of dancing we all played hide and seek and truth or dare. Very middle school and yet so fun! Haha. On saturday Sterling and I drove to Sherman so I could meet his Aunt and Uncle…they were so nice! It’s always so fun to meet someone else in Sterlings family. They’re great people! We spent most the day talking with his family including cousins and kids of cousins:) Then we went to stonebriar…shopped and saw Angel and Demons! A must see! I loved it and Sterling did too! Ok so fast forward through saturday night onto sunday morning…Church..(great like always)…Then Grad party for my share group! I love all of them so much and I’m truely sorry I didn’t get to know them as well as I could have…I always love being with my sweet friend Mr. Gamble in the third hour so I skipped out on sunday school (tisk tisk I know) Sterling didn’t come to church because he had tickets to the byron nelson with friends. Sunday afternoon S and I babysat my Berlin girlies and took them to the Little Big Town concert…VIP of course;) Sterling was so sweet with the girls and so helpful! I just love that boy! Then today we went to the Rangers Yankees game…Rangers got killed! After the game we stopped at northpark for a little shopping. The S came home packed up and headed out, while I went to Curts graduation party and after that invaded the Davids family dinner. Long recap I apologize! All that to say it was a beautiful memorial day weekend and I’m happy to have the short week ahead!
PS BIG NEWS: I’m going to LONDON/WHALES with my best friend Georgia this summer!!!


>Well today was a late start day…love those. So school was a breeze and everything is so laid back now..but for some reason I still don’t think graduation is ever going to come. It still seems so far away from now but really its about a dozen days.
Recently I feel really kind of lost in certain parts of my life. Something that’s usually a constant is starting to shake and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to steady it. And I don’t know if it’s me rocking the boat or if it’s just time for this to happen.
Sometimes things seem to end after a certain season in our lives and we can’t help but let them. But what if you label something as a “season” when it’s supposed to be much much more than that. And you let it go. And you miss out.
On the other hand maybe sometimes love is supposed to end. Maybe you have to go out and look for it before you realize it was there all along and you were just too stupid to see it.
The song writer Ron Pope wrote that “beautiful things never last, that’s why fireflies flash..”
At this time in my life, I believe him. All beautiful things come to an end at one point but I guess that doesn’t mean that we have to forget them or not love the time we had.
And maybe just maybe a more beautiful thing is coming in its place.


>As usual I’m winding down from a beautiful day thinking away. Whenever I have this much to think about I love writing it down, or in this case and the way technology has taken us, I’m typing it. So hear it is, the final stretch of high school, the last days to make all of this matter, all of it count, all of it worth while. So what to do, what to say? There’s so much and so little time to change the way things are and the way I will be remembered. I believe in my heart for the most part, people who knew me will know the real me and they will have great memories. But what about those who caught me on a bad day.. maybe a day I wasn’t as nice as I should have been. The truth is I guess they’ll remember me that way. And who am I to blame them?

I guess the next step is, what now? I don’t want to miss out on anything this life has to offer and I want to live and love and laugh. I want to be so filled with love that it splashes on to everyone around me. And I want to believe that there really is a love like that.
Time to open my eyes and start remembering to LOVE.

>Rainy Shopping

>Today has been a pretty good day. I went shopping for graduation presents with my Papa aka Sugarbear and Whitney. I felt super sick after waters creek when we got to northpark and as we walked in I said..”Papa I don’t mean to make you nervous..but I think I’m going to faint.” So of course he freaked out and basically through me onto a bench till he could rememember where the food court was. I love him. He’s the most giving peron I’ve ever met! So after we ate I felt a tiny bit better but not good enough to try anyhting on so I sat in the fitting room in Nordstrom without trying on a SINGLE thing! I know, I know me in Nordstrom not shopping? Shows how sick I felt! But by Anthropologie I felt better:) We got our graduation dresses plus a few then we headed to Dillards to get our fancy smantchy luggage which was my P and G real grad present to us. On the way home went back to Vera Bradley and got luggage tags and purses there…all in all it was fun rainy shopping saturday! very excited for tomorrow because it’s mine and W first grad party, my mom and dad are throughing this one for us, for their friends and other adults that have impacted Whitney and I during our highschool years..The house is filled with pictures and awards set up all over the place. Feels like a shrine to the twins!

>Saying Goodbye

>Well today I babysat my favorite little girl. Tori Berlin…I’ve been her nanny for a couple of years now and she is one of my best friends…yes a three year old is one of my best friends..as well as an 80somethin yr old but that’s not the point! We were making home videos, I call them “The Nanny Cam” Haha. And I was just listening to her talk zooming in on her little face and I know memories like these won’t fade fast. I remember the summer I first got to know T. I was over at their house almost ever day..Tori must have been 2 because she was just learning to potty train and if I do remember correctly she still wore pull ups in the pool. That whole summer it rained and Tori and I would watch TV on the big blue couch all day. I loved it! Looking back and seeing her so young and so little makes her look much bigger and older now..even though she’s just four. I know that probably sounds funny for those of you who have seen children grow into 20 year olds but to me Tori is the one person I’ve really watched grow up and she’s the one I feel like I’ve had an impact on her being a “big girl”. The thing is I’m not sure she’ll really remember me when she becomes a teenager..She’s very young now and I don’t know how much I can recall from being 4 and 5..I barely remember my little brother being born. But I’ve always known he was there. So maybe that’s all I can hope for..as Tori grows up and becomes a kid into a teenager and on maybe all I can hope for is that she’ll remember I was there..I was there on the rainy days, the sunny days, the adventures in the Kabooda, from tad pool catching to going to the beach club. T may not recall every second I was with her but I believe in her heart she’ll remember I loved her…and she loved me.


>Well last night was prom and it ended up being a BLAST! Sterling and I had so much fun taking pictures at Georgias’ and then we went straight to the Berlins..which is always so much fun. I feel so blessed to have them in my life and I don’t know what I’m going to do without them next year. I know alot of college students say their highschool friends don’t matter to them anymore and they’ve lost touch and don’t even really care. I pray that isn’t true for me..I know alot of people would say well Emily it’s easy to say right now your still with them and you think you’ll miss them but you won’t… But I will. If I leave highschool happy to write people out of my life then I’m writing out a piece of Gods plan. I’m writing out relationships, I’m forgetting memories and lessons learned. So as graduation comes closer to me my prayer is not only that I take these last months in but that I keep on loving all of my friends in my classes and out of school. (Sorry little rant haha) But back to prom…we ate dinner at Samson and ended up sitting at the end of the table that I didn’t know as well but we still had a great time gettting to know some kids better! Got to prom and had a great time dancing, gambling, and I was even crowned queen! Great great weekend! Sterling went home this afternoon after we went on a walk by the lake. We always have so much fun together and I’m excited to see what the future holds.
Until then, XOXO.

>First post:)

>So this is my first ever blog post… Pretty fun. So you may wonder why I decided to start a blog…I’m not sure yet. But I have never been good at keeping diaries so maybe something like this will be better. Tonight is prom..My second prom because I went to the Henderson prom a few weekends ago. I’m nominated for prom queen also which is always an honor to be nominated for these kind of things. ¬†Sterling has been making fun of me all morning because my favorite thing about dances is getting ready super early! I love taking my time and making sure everything is perfect! Sterling and I are taking pictures with one group then going to the Berlins house so Dr. B can take some pictures ¬†with his super nice camera… Then we are meeting up with Whitney and BriAnns group for dinner! I’m getting more and more excited as I type!I can’t wait to see all my great friends tonight! After prom we’re having a party at my house..a breakfast thing. Ending it at 3 so my Dad will have SOME energy for mothers day services tomorrow…

More exciting posts later I’m sure! Be safe tonight!