>Well today was a late start day…love those. So school was a breeze and everything is so laid back now..but for some reason I still don’t think graduation is ever going to come. It still seems so far away from now but really its about a dozen days.
Recently I feel really kind of lost in certain parts of my life. Something that’s usually a constant is starting to shake and I’m not sure I’m going to be able to steady it. And I don’t know if it’s me rocking the boat or if it’s just time for this to happen.
Sometimes things seem to end after a certain season in our lives and we can’t help but let them. But what if you label something as a “season” when it’s supposed to be much much more than that. And you let it go. And you miss out.
On the other hand maybe sometimes love is supposed to end. Maybe you have to go out and look for it before you realize it was there all along and you were just too stupid to see it.
The song writer Ron Pope wrote that “beautiful things never last, that’s why fireflies flash..”
At this time in my life, I believe him. All beautiful things come to an end at one point but I guess that doesn’t mean that we have to forget them or not love the time we had.
And maybe just maybe a more beautiful thing is coming in its place.


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