“Fall brings a calmness to the soul. It reminds us that change is inevitable.”

Isn’t that quote true? I think that’s why fall makes me sad and somber. I love change but there’s something about it that also makes me realize I’m growing up and my falls consist of projects and finals not so much jumping in big piles of raked leaves or carving pumpkins. Not that we don’t still have that inner child in us as growing young adults, it’s just the concept of time that doesn’t seem to allow me to make a homemade Halloween costume or run around outside playing in the fall leaves. This fall I’m going to try to find the child in me again. Make time for outdoor adventures and bake fall treats, remembering that I’m not quite “grown up” yet. The cool weather does slow me down and I’m happy I’ve recognized it so I can fight the fall blues. I’m just such a sun girl. I love the sun and warmth from it. I’ll find that in soups and coffee, maybe a fire pit here and there this fall/winter season. While change is inevitable, doesn’t mean I can’t make a few changes that will benefit me and bring joy to this chilly weather!

Prayers for today:

Peace in all of this chaos. Motivation in classes. Passion for leadership. Joy in all things. Confidence in Christ.

A humble heart that recognizes its lack of control and accepts Christ’s complete control through a surrendered spirit.

Monday isn’t so bad

Today has been a pretty productive Monday and although I should be reading a few packets for my editing course right now I’m taking a little time to write a few thoughts. I woke early this morning not to walk but to study for a British Literature exam, which I do believe I ACED! Wahoo!! I love the mornings so much. I lit some yummy fall smelling candles and stayed in my P.J.s to study with coffee in hand. I guess I just love me time so much and the morning is when I get the chance to have it since nights are filled with Pigskin practice and meetings, ect. I am so thankful for days like today though where I just feel productive and my list of to-dos is happily being checked off as I continue through out my very planned day. This morning my quiet time was about staying directly in the path of Christ. The mission that every single work you do would be glorifying to Him, everything you do, you never even think that it was you doing it but always turning the glory back to him. I’m so far from that point. I rarely think I just did something amazing but if I am proud of myself in some way I think to myself, “Go Emily!” How silly of me. If I truly live in Christ then it will always be a thank you back to Jesus. This morning I committed my test to God and asked Him to help me through it. So in my earlier sentences when I said, “I ACED” my exam….I guess I should change that, God allowed me to recall all I had studied and He gave me the words and recall to do great! So thank you Lord for answering the smallest prayers of a college student.

A few favorites today:

JJ Heller on repeat. French braids for class to Pigskin practice. Goals being set. Sunshine. Old friends reaching out in love. Walks. New admirers. Phone calls with grandparents. Worn sweater from workout to library. Revenge on Wednesday. I love this picture.

“There were scars before my scars, love written on the hands that hung the stars, hope living in the blood that was spilled for me.”


Beautiful Things

This weekend has been amazing.

It has been filled with beautiful sunny days, unexpected blessings and strong friendships revealing their strength more and more! I am learning so much this semester, specifically the greatness of God. How he can completely change situations to glorify Him. I also have never felt His pull on my heart as much as I have recently. The possibilities He has for my future is amazing. I want to take every step with God leading the way. Thankful for Baylor, relationships, and the sunshine.

“Today has all the potential to be wonderful.”

I am reminded recently the importance of good choices. I realized this a lot this summer. Every choice I make affects my tomorrow, whether it be choosing good company, or choosing to work out, eat healthy, choosing to not skip class, I mean everything is a choice. And only I can choose most of them. I want the choices I make to show Christ in me. Perhaps that is the whole point. Yesterday at PCBC my Dad continued his sermon series of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. He spoke on The Good Samaritan, a story, most of us have heard but he did a great job keeping it fresh and pointing out new things I had never thought of. His main point was compassion. The Samaritan had compassion on the man left to die. God has compassion on us, knowing we too were left to die.

“But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness”-Psalms 86:15

In the parable, the Samaritan didn’t minister at arm’s length, and neither did Jesus. I think that is something our culture has missed. We think that giving money to charities is enough. Our hands are clean and we feel good about the work we’ve done, we helped someone and didn’t even have to get out of our comfort zone, just had to get out our check book. I know that sounds drastic but it’s true. And when we “minister” this way. The people we help seem so distant. We miss the opportunity to know the hearts of the ones we help, we miss their stories, we miss the relationship.

Dad made great points of when compassion rules in our lives. I think the one I most connected with was “compassion rules in our lives when we have the eyes of Jesus.” Once we see things how Jesus sees them we can better understand our role in situations and we can SEE the people how Jesus sees them. Lord, I pray you give me your eyes to better see people how you see them. Take away my judgmental spirit and replace it with your compassionate heart. Dad also talked about the things acts of compassion will require of you. Again, there was one that really resonated with me. It’s that compassion will require you to live with a heavy heart. I’ve experienced this in relationships before. It is a tough thing. Loving the under dog can leave you heart-broken. My Dad has said it this way,

“Grief is the price we pay for love.”

I have seen this to be true in my life but I know the great joy of having loved someone well. Loving them the way Jesus would have. My prayer is that God would awaken the compassionate spirit in me and remind me where my heart should live and who it is that is missing the love of Christ because of my disobedience. Give me a person today God. I love you, thank you for the sunshine and for life today.

Friday Favorites Week 2

I’m sad I haven’t had time to post in between Friday Favorites but that just shows how busy I’ve been! This week had 2 midterms (YUCK), Pi Phi stuff and just anything else you can think of. Between friends, school, pi phi, pigskin, meetings, interviews, family, church, homework, I can barely stop for a break…BUT guess what?! I’m on one now! Fall Break…I LOVE YOU! Whitney, and I came home Friday after my last exam of the week. I can’t begin to explain how much I love Dallas. Just being home, hugging my Dad I got a little teary eyed. I am content and at peace here. It is the greatest feeling and I need to recognize what it is that makes me feel so calm and peaceful so I can take some of it back to Waco with me.  The best days are days like today.

Last night Whitney and some friends of ours helped my Mom throw a square dance party…yes you read that correctly and it gets better…for the English Second Language group at church. Most of them are Asian. So basically we attempted an Asian square dance! Haha! The people are so sweet and I’m so glad my Mom has found a fun place to serve!

Ok time for some (late) Friday Favorites!

Favorite Album:

Last week I was raving about Joe Purdy..and I still am! But yesterday morning on Spotify I listened to James Morrison’s new album “The Awakening” and it is SO good. Fit my mood perfectly, thoughtful but happy too. I can’t get enough. Especially his song ‘In My Dreams’

Favorite Purchase:

I love this headband from lululemon! On my morning walks my ears get so cold as fall makes its way to Waco, so this is exactly what I’ve been missing. Today when I went in to Lulu they were having a sale (small and rare but still a sale!) So I went a bit crazy and stocked up on a few favorites! Working out is so much more fun when you have cute clothes to wear! I LOVE all my new purchases:)

Favorite Charity:

This morning my Mom and I met up with my cousin Stephanie on the Katy Trail. Steph volunteers with ‘Paws In The City’. It’s an organization that works to end pet overpopulation, abuse and neglect in city’s. The dogs are SO cute.

Especially this little one!

Favorite Team:

Will always be my Baylor Bears! Sad about the loss today but glad we never have to play the aggies ever again! WAHHHOOOO!!! 🙂

Favorite Quote:

Just beautiful.

Tonight the family is watching the Rangers game…which currently we are winning! And earlier I got to go on a walk with just me and my parents. It was a sweet time and I love having them all to myself. Home sweet home.

A beautiful day to be alive!

Friday Favorites are here!

Happy happy HAPPY day! Friday..girls dinner tonight for BriAnn’s bday. I am so excited! We’re getting dressed up and heading to BJs in Temple TX. Par-tay.

Favorite Artist:

JOE PURDY. He is amazing. A friend of mine introduced me to his stuff and he is the perfect sound for fall. He sings raspy and slow and you will die. So so good. Next rainy day listen to, “I Love The Rain The Most”and “Rainy Day Lament”.

Favorite Roommate:

BRIANN DORRIS! Duh! It is almost her birthday so she gets favorite until the next bday hits our place. BriAnn is a light in my life. We’ve been friends for around 9 years and I could not ask for a better friend than the friend I have found in her. She constantly draws others to smile, she preservers through the toughest of times seeking to find God in all things. She encourages Whitney and I daily and she never ceases to make me DIE laughing. She is growing into such an AMAZING woman of God. I admire her. One thing I think is maybe the best thing about BriAnn is she can get anything out of anyone. I have never felt judged by BriAnn, she will have you saying things you thought you’d NEVER tell. That part about our friendship might be the most special to me. Thank you BriAnn for listening and seeking my friendship when you knew I needed a friend. I love you and I can’t imagine college without you. You make me smile and laugh more than probably anyone…Ramie is close though ;). I hope this next year brings all of the blessings you deserve. Thank you for choosing daily to follow and serve God. P.S. YOU’RE 21 BABY! 😉

Favorite Recipe:

This weekend I am making this with some girlfriends and I can’t wait…NUTELLA puppy chow.

Favorite Picture:

Leighton is so cute. Makes me want to watch Country Strong this weekend. Maybe I will!

Favorite Quote:

This is adorable and it makes me smile.

Happy weekend everyone, if you see BriAnn tell her happy birthday! And follow her on twitter: @brianndorris

“Happiness can be found most anywhere, you need only look.”

I can’t tell you how much I love that quote! I am so busy this semester that I have to make myself pause and look around. This fall and winter I’m going to make it a point to try to find the sun. No matter how cold it is I just need to be outside! Today is beautiful.

Yesterday Whit and I had our first intramural football game of the season. It was hilarious and C team is the best! My afternoon yesterday went a little like this: Class, library, friends dropping by, service, sub dinner, intramural game, pigskin practice, homework. It really never ever ends! God is teaching me so much though and really opening my eyes to possibilities of all that’s still here for me at Baylor. I think Senior year people kind of check out but I can’t even believe that’ll be me next year…surreal! So I really am trying to make the most of this year and so far I have been doing just that! It’s been the best semester of my college life so far I think. God did so much with me this summer and now He is continuing a daily work in me. I hope He’s changing me for the better day by day. That is my prayer, that there would be less and less of Emily and more and more of Christ.

Our house is doing so well. With Ramie in the mix my heart has been so full! She has brought so much joy to our house. One of my best friends. Whitney and BriAnn are doing great, my roommates point me closer and closer to Christ and I am blessed to have them in my life. Whitney and I have been able to hangout and be together more this semester which has been maybe my greatest blessing. Whitney is truly turning into a beautiful woman of God. She is my hope sometimes. I love you Whitney!Oh and BriAnns bday is coming up in 5 DAYS! She will be 21 WAHHHHOOOO;) We are just going to do a roommate dinner and then maybe something next week actually on her b-day! I’m sure I’ll do a b-day post for her..hehe if she is lucky!

“You are always faithful; always good.”-Gungor

Today is just as busy as usual but I am thankful for a break now. God, today I pray you would do whatever work needs to be done in me. Open my eyes to all that you would have me change, release, or get rid of. I want there to be nothing between my heart and you. Thank you for my time here at Baylor and thank you for never giving up on me.

Day: Thursday

Currently listening to: Gungor

Mood: Thankful, calm, content

Weather: Sunny and Windy


It’s OCTOBER! I realized that via twitter Saturday morning on my walk! Whitney and I were in Houston visiting our Papa and Gramma. My grandfather has been recovering from surgery and it has been really tough on him. He has had throat problems, which affects his eating, he hasn’t been able to swallow so all he can eat is protein shakes and now he has a blood clot in his leg. It has been so tough on him and my Gramma. After talking with my Mom on the phone I decided we definitely needed to go visit them and bring some encouragement! When we got there, Papa had just gone down for a nap, hearing the doorbell my adorable curious George of a Papa got up and came to see us, he says he, “knew it was me!”. We hadn’t told him that Whitney was coming, so she was a surprise! We were hugging him and Gramma said “oh Papa is going to cry!” When we looked at him we saw she was right. He was crying so hard. This whole time has worn him down and I think seeing Whitney and I was enough to break the flood gates. Of course Whitney and I started crying. I just told him over and over again how much we love him. It was a beautiful moment and I will never forget how love I felt as my Grandfather broke down with overwhelming love for his granddaughters. I know God planned our trip and that my Papa needed the encouragement. Visiting him and knowing how forgotten he must have been feeling recent, I was reminded of one of my greatest passions, visiting nursing homes. Those people are so forgotten sometimes and they just need encouragement and love. I’m praying about what my role could be in Waco in that area. I need to find that passion again. I need to find a lot of passion again. I feel like I have been so stagnant and today has been very hard for me. I woke up not just on the wrong side of the bed but in the wrong place of heart. As much as I have talked up fall and winter this year, I am really scared for it. I always get the end of summer blues. I’m praying against that this year but as the fall weather creeps in I know my mood changes with it. I’m fighting for continual discipline, a healthy lifestyle, and perseverance in Pi Phi and school. There are SO many things going on and I just don’t see any of it slowing down soon. I read Oswald Chamber’s every morning and this past week he is talking about living in the valley not just on the mountaintop with God. I feel like so much of my spiritual life recently has been in the valley, especially the attitude I woke up with this morning.

“We actually slander and dishonor God by our very eagerness to serve Him without knowing Him.”-Oswald Chamers

Often times I think I dishonor him in this way. I think, oh today I will serve him and show everyone Christs love when I haven’t even taken the time in that day to allow God to love on me. It goes back to continually working out our salvation daily. Just as I’m realizing life never slows down and I keep growing, it’s the same spiritually, God doesn’t just quit teaching us or loving on us, everyday is a chance to know him more and I think that is the ultimate motivation I have been lacking. An inward focus robs me of the life I am supposed to live. Or rather the life Christ is supposed to live through me.

God forgive me when I am tired and weary. I want my motivation in life to come from a healthy and daily relationship with you. I don’t want there to be anything between you and me. Take away all the baggage I have placed on myself and let me live in you. I love you and I’m thankful for today.