This is my view this morning above Estes Park at Lily Lake. What a blessing to be here. It’s only been one day at our second home, Wind River Ranch and already I have been changed. God speaks so loudly here and I think this year I might be the most open to listening. Worthy is the Lamb.

Colorado Bound

Headed home, to Wind River Ranch! Ahh! Every year my family heads to a Christian guest ranch called Wind River Ranch..this will be our 14 year? or something like that! This is my second home, I have every great memory at Wind River and we can’t get back to the mountains quick enough. My Dad is the speaker and does morning bible studies. Whitney and I help him with music sometimes and the week is always incredible. There are many events in the evenings, like square dance, coffee shop, fireside. All nights filled with years of memories. I remember when I was a little girl and was SO sad to leave, I mean crying my head off all the way down that beautiful mountain.

Lord I pray that this week at Wind River would be it for me. The cherry on top of my summer. I pray that you would speak loudly to me and not allow me to have any distractions. I want to find you all over again. I pray everyday would be an opportunity to serve you and love on all the other guests. I also pray this week would be a chance to love on my family and to lift them up. God give me a servant’s heart. Give me a love for others. Remind me again that you are more than enough for me. Mark 10:45 says,

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Take away my selfish wants and let me look to others and their needs. I am so thankful to you for all you’ve given me this summer. You had my summer planned before I even tried to. Thank you for what Wind River means to my family and the memories we have piled up over the years. Let all the memories we make this year glorify you! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Rest up, and go!

Today we have one day in Dallas in between our Charlotte trip and Colorado. Wind River Ranch finishing up my summer. My hope and prayer is that this trip solidifies all I’ve changed and learned this summer. The mountains of Estes always seem to speak clearly to my family. We have had many challenges come to our attention there, last year it was the possibility of Dad leaving First McKinney, one year it was my Moms breast cancer. This year it will be me, growing up. And I am thankful.

Charlotte was a blast! We were able to go to the lake house, which is GORGEOUS! My Uncle rebuilt it, it’s a dream. It was also so good to see my cousins, not all of them but two of them were there! Mary Blake, who is a year younger than me at UNC and Taylor who is 4. Haha he is darling! My Grandfather, to me, seems to be getting MUCH older and he no longer has a filter from his brain to his mouth. I’m not sure his brain is working well enough to send the right things out anyways. My heart was reminded of my love for the elderly as I watched him, sit while everyone ran around and played, spilled his drink at dinner and looked like a sad little puppy as everyone cleaned it up, and as he hugged us all goodbye. Love you Granddaddy Gene.

My grandmother was SO sad when we were about to leave so Travis and I wrote her little love notes and hid them around the house for her, got a call from her at the airport thanking me. My Grandmother takes care of Granddaddy all the time because she is able and still as young as they come at 72. I am thankful for perseverance and Christ like example for me.

Whatsoever things…

Today in the great hall at PCBC Miller spoke on Philippians 4:8…..”Finally, brothers, whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

I love this verse! And I loved studying it today. This verse sums up what we as Christians should set our minds to and my prayer is that as I say this verse every Tuesday of the year almost in Pi Phi meeting that it will become the prayer of my heart so that my mind can be guided by holiness. We are supposed to think on, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure (Psalm 19:7-11), whatever is lovely, whatever is a good report. When I think of what I think about, at times it doesn’t fall in any of these categories. I think of worries I have, I think of the future, I think of what I look like to others, am I good enough, am I going to make it. So many questions and thoughts go through my mind that need to be censored and sorted through so they can fall into one of these categories. Verse 9 and on goes onto talk about how we should practice all of these things Paul has told us. What we have learned, received, heard and seen!

God, tonight as I am still of this world and in it, I find my mind distant from your will. I pray that you would consume my thoughts and direct my mind to all you would have for me. Give me a pure heart through pure thoughts. I love you. Amen.

Sweet Summertime

I’ve had pretty much the most amazing summer so far…and it’s not over yet!

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

I just wanted to blog a few more must do summer events/meals/places that I’ll have to put on my list for the end of this summer and summer 2012. Summer is by far my favorite season. Peaceful, hot, and exactly what I needed this year. WOW. I am thankful.

How simple and pretty is this little painting? For those of you who don’t know my Dad is an artist and I’d love to get him to bust out the paints and give me a lesson. My brother had his very own today! I love the idea of a blank canvas and all it’s potential..I won’t get into it but so much meaning behind that to me. Fresh starts..which we all know I am a firm believer in! Even if you don’t have a Dad who is a Vincent Van Gogh wanna-be you can still play and make something beautiful! Maybe even sign up for an art class. My Aunt took a little calligraphy class and loved it! So you never know. A class I’m dying to get into is Beyond Pilates in Dallas, hoping to jump on that after our Charlotte trip.

Another thing I really missed this summer that is on my list for next is fireworks on the Fourth! While I loved being at Thee Camp, it wasn’t quite Americas bday without them.

Today Whitney, Mom and I went and got manicures and pedicures. That is something I MUST do in Waco more. It is quiet and so relaxing! I think there are many things I’ve learned this summer that I want to back with me and I promise that manis and pedis are not the main or most important thing haha!

This picture to the right is a favorite of mine today. Another thing I want for my summer that can continue on into the year is for me to allow myself time to dream, draw, think, breathe. Just get away from the obsessions of life. I love this “dream board” she has created and while space is of an essence in this picture, I think I might know the perfect place for my very own “dream board” that doesn’t take up too much space in Waco. This summer I found myself at Starbucks with time to kill. TIME. I’ve been able to go there in the mornings and play on my computer, read, think. I must give myself time to have these fun little side projects, I must give myself time to rest and laugh and live.

Oh what the future holds for me!

Love and hope have found me here.

Current Location: Couch in our den, I love our new house so so much. Ah, it has so many windows and the sun shines in all day but my favorite time of day is when the sun is slowly setting and its warm rays are flowing into our house, onto our furniture and bringing light into my room.

Current Mood: Peaceful, restful.

Current Worries: Minimal, if anything it’s being uneasy about the future. The future of past habits at Baylor and being able to carry my new habits back with me. Examples would be, the habits I have placed in my thoughts, morning workouts. My whole mindset is different.

God, thank you for my fresh start this summer. Everything is new. My room is beautiful and I have found so much peace here. I am able to make my own memories and I am so thankful for every new day you give me. I pray when I return to Waco you will allow new memories to find me quickly as I become the college student you envisioned me to be for you. Draw me closer to you because I don’t want to try to be in this world without you.

Lovely Morning

Thank you Lord for this morning. My walk with Mom. The sunshine. The fresh cool morning air. I am thankful and wanted to let you know.

I pray today I would be a light in the kids lives at Dayspring. I pray that they would focus during Devo and we would have a blast all day! Keep us safe as we travel to the camp and give the counselors energy to engage and listen to all the kids have to say. Thank you for this summer I pray you continue to teach me and grow me here at home so when it’s time to go back to Waco I can continue all I have changed for the better. Thank you for second chances and allowing each day to be a fresh start to be exactly who YOU want me to be. I am humbled. Give me a generous heart Lord, allow me to glorify you with my time, thoughts, words, everything. I love you.

Dayspring Camps

Oh what a wonderful summer this has been for me. So much renewal of lost loves, like blogging, music, sunshine, driving. I mean this summer has been SUCH a turning point for me I feel like. And I don’t say any of this lightly. From the Malibu trip, that just cleared my mind to Wyoming that solidified my love for adventure, Florida which embedded more of a passion for Pi Phi in me and Thee camp, which reminded me the importance of community and being surrounded with a family of believers.I have learned so much and it isn’t even over.

Currently listening to: Skyscrapers BY Demi Lovato

So far the week has been a lot of fun and it’s only Tuesday haha! My group of kids are so cute..they’re mostly ten-year olds. We do a lot of different things with them. It’s basically camp without the sleepover part. We have archery, BB guns, swimming, crafts, random sports and games. Today some of the kids got pretty deep during our “devo” time. Prayer requests included, an Aunt who is on drugs, a Father who has to help overtime at work because his boss broke his back and a Mom who has been drinking a lot lately. I was SO excited when the kids opened up like this..pretty neat in just the short time we have to talk. One little girl said devo was her favorite time of the day. Made my heart smile.

Back From Austin


Verb: Satisfy (someone).

Adjective: In a state of peaceful happiness.

Exactly the state of mind I’m in. Content. After a wonderful weekend in Austin with the Berlins, I am truly content and happy! AND thankful! Really thankful. There was a news story out one morning about Shannon Stone, a firefighter, who tumbled over a left field railing while reaching for a ball at the Rangers game and fell twenty feet onto concrete. He died at the hospital. He was 39 years old. My heart was and is still broken for their family, and Josh Hamilton who threw the ball. That story stuck with me through out the weekend and I became very aware of how precious life is. I mean seriously. I hope this is a lesson I can take with me, because the truth is today could be the last day of my life, it really could be. Who am I to know?

Currently listening to: Love Like Rain BY Daniel Doss Band

Tonight we are having a young family from church over to swim and have pizza! I’m happy my parents are already putting our wonderful backyard into great use! It will be my turn once everything is a little more unpacked, only then will we have a pool party for Baylor kids haha!

This weekend I was also reminded of how much I love Austin, I mean what a beautiful city with SO many things to do! I love it. I went with the Berlins to Austin to watch Tori while they went to the Davis Cup. Those of you who don’t know what that is, you are me before this trip, haha. It is an American tennis tournament thing. Well not so much tournament just a bunch of matches to get the cup thingy. Haha! I did a great job explaining that if you ask me!

Bryan Bros celebrating their victory!

Anyway it was USA against Spain and the Spanish team stayed at our hotel, the Four Seasons. SO cute how excited the oldest Berlin girl, Annalee would get about seeing them! Made me get kinda excited too. They were all very good-looking with kinda long wanna-be-Tarzan-hair. But it works. foreigners can pull off anything …Note to self when I’m abroad he he anyway what else to be expected from my sweet Tori then a trip filled with memories of giggles, manners, and more giggles! Tori is really growing into herself and has quite the humor these days! Can’t believe how big she is getting…thankful as ever that she still seems to care for me so. I am blessed.

“To be loved by a child is the greatest gift of all.”

Good Morning

Hehe how cute is my gal right there!?

Currently Listening to: She’s Like Texas BY Josh Abbott Band

Great start to my day= Walking with Whitney! I love her so much. Having a twin is having a built-in friend…I’m so happy she is back from Spain! I woke up happy today! Which seems to be happening to me A TON recently! I am thankful. Last night after Thee Camp reflection service, Whitney and I went to get yogurt with a family friend of ours and we had so much fun. My Papa and Gramma are in town visiting just as I leave for Austin. So that is a bummer but they will still be here when I get back on Sunday. I’m going to Austin to nanny my Berlin girls, the ones I have been with for about 5 years. They are precious and I am so excited to get to be with them all weekend. Pretty much Tori and I will be hanging out by the pool all weekend while Dr. Berlin, Leah, and Annie go watch some professional tennis. I’m packing my “Mary-Kate” PJs that Whitney and I wore banquet night. Haha! That way when Dr. B and Leah go out for a night the girls and I can have a fun sleepover. Oh how I love these girls. I am so HAPPY, thankful, overwhelmed, LOVED when I am with them. Tori has been the one person in my life who I have been able to watch grow. And my goodness how she has!

Thank you Lord, for my relationship with sweet little Tori. I pray you use me to be an example in her life as she gets older and even now. Even this weekend I pray I will be a wonderful role model for her.

“He who influences the thoughts of his times, influences all the times that follow. He has made his impress on eternity.”

I love this quote. To me it just means that generations must pass down all they know, and the things we teach moves onto the next generation. My prayer is that the legacy I leave continues the message of Christ and His love for all mankind.