>"Grief is the price we pay for love"

>God has been speaking to me in the past few weeks to truly commit my life ALL over to Him and through this the greatest pain I have ever felt has taken place…I’ve had to let go of my greatest love and in the process of picking up broken pieces of my heart I have found that once again the Lord is faithful. It’s been very hard to have any time for anyone who isn’t here in Waco..I haven’t been able to call home, friends and family I’m so sorry I haven’t been as connected as I would have liked to been! I’m hoping things will get back to the norm soon and that way I will be able to manage my time and really focus on what is now my top priority which is school and God. I can’t thank God enough for giving me strength…Last night was especially hard…hardest night I’ve faced probably. The struggle of knowing if I was doing the right thing has been hard and I will still wrestle with it but sooner or later I know that once God is my number one and He is my best friend…all other things will fall into their place and I hope you’re there beside me. I think you will be in a way…even if it isn’t how we pictured it. I love you forever and always, till the stars grow dim and the moon fades away into the darkness.
God is going to do great things through this…and I am confident that what is meant to be will always find its way. Our purpose in life can be found through God and God alone. I am sure of this and I stand strong in His name.

O praise the one who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead.


>By the title of this post you may realize it’s kinda serious one I guess. Today I sent Sterling off after a great weekend together…We’ve decided that at this point in our lives it’s time for us to be selfish and not have to worry so much about our relationship which takes tons and tons of work so as of right now we’re back to being the best of friends. How this will work I’m not really sure..and neither is he, we just know that best friends don’t break up, they can’t. I would never want Sterling out of my life for good and that’s why we aren’t so much breaking up as we are stepping back. When we were the best of friends, when we first met everything seemed so much more simple…And right now with all that college is going to bring we need simple we don’t need complicated… So that’s kinda a glimpse of where we are and where we are headed. In a few years maybe we’ll be back together for good, who knows?! Not us! Plus I just know that the closest I’ve ever been with God was when I didnt have someone else to take away from time with Him, and not just time of physically being with someone but thinking about them too. A part of me is sad with all of this but the other part of me knows this is exactly what needs to be happening and I’m happy that through no matter what Sterling will always be my best friend and I always have the most fun with him! I love you Sterling. And I know that someday we will look back and know this was the perfect decision for us.
Leaving for Baylor on Thursday morning..excited? Uhhhh kinda..Nervous? No..Happy? Not really…
Guess I just love my fam and McKinney too much! XOXOX

>About 1 MORE WEEK

>I am happy to announce that summer school is coming to a beautiful end! YAY! I really have not had the best time here…it hasn’t been terrible knowing that it is temporary but if this is how my whole college career was gonna go lets just say my new fav saying would be…”do you want fries with that?” DROPOUT
haha But classes are going great and I’m super happy to know that summer school is winding down and everyone will be her so I will have many many more ppl to pick from when it comes to friends! I’m so excited to meet my new roomie Lindsey! I think were going to get along grrrreat she seems so sweet! I’ve learned alot this summer and I’m really proud of myself for doing this..pretty much on my own and really growing and becoming very resposible…guess I’m growing up? EWW No way. I’ll be responsible and all that but I am NOT growing up! Seriously I wanna act like a kid forever. And I’m planning on it! Yesterday I Ichatted with Sterling and his pretty sisters! It was so fun to see everyone on their! Oh and not to mention even baby Graham said hi! I can’t wiat for him to start crawling…that’s when babies really get fun! Plus I won’t be scared to drop him cause he is so tiny right now….hmmmm what else is new? I’m anxiously awaiting my grade back from my 15question Christian Scriptures class! The grades should be up veryyyyy soon:) I think I got a 100! OHHH I HOPE I DID! I think I’ll go check and do homework and go run and go to bible study! Good plan XOXOX
I love you all and wish you were here