Dear Pi Phi

Hey y’all! I am sitting at the Orlando Airport waiting on my flight and I have quite some time so I thought I would take the time to THANK YOU for allowing Julie and me to represent y’all at convention! From Julie and myself, we are so thankful for the opportunities we received at convention. It was truly an eye opener to me! I can honestly say it is a trip I will NEVER forget and it just made me SO excited to be back with y’all in the fall. It was amazing to meet women who have given their lives…yes LIVES to Pi Phi.

One thing I took away from this week was how STRONG Pi Phi is nationally…I mean like really strong. We met so many leaders from other schools and were able to build strong connections and get so many new ideas. I’m SO excited!

I also wanted to let y’all know how BLESSED we are to have the AAC and the alumni we have…some schools struggle to find women to fill their AAC and have to skype their AAC who they’ve never even met.

I just could not be more thankful. Thanks for reading! I wish EACH one of you had been there!! PPL!

My New Room

I just prayed over my new room. I prayed that it would be a sanctuary for God and I. That it would be a peaceful place filled with love and just so much peace. This far is decorated very delicately and calming. I love it. I hope it’s my haven these next two years of school when I come home for holidays and things! Today was a good day…the last bit of moving wasn’t hard and Travi got home from mission trip safe and sound…and with quite the tan!!! I’m telling you he is dreamy as a 16 year-old! Anyway it was a great day..Stephanie brought us In-N-Out for dinner, which just opened on the service road off of 75 so we were all excited about that! I’m getting more and more excited for convention tomorrow and I’m praying it will be a fun escape for me before Thee Camp…which I am SO excited about!

“My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” -Exodus 33:14

Lord I pray for peace in this very busy summer. I pray for close, strong, and Holy relationships to come into my life. Thank you, Lord for loving me, even when I am unlovable!

“I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” -Psalm 16:8

Goodmorning, another day of moving!

Last night I was SO frustrated because I was letting others actions control my time, energy, and thoughts. Lord today I pray that you are the center of my thoughts and my actions prove that. Please allow negative people to leave my life. I pray that you would shape every one of my relationships so that they would all be glorifying to you.

So today is a fresh start and I started it off by waking up early and going on a walk with Ellie. I love the mornings and I need to continue to remind myself that cause sometimes it is SO hard to get up early. I think I might get my letter from Sterling today, I really hope so! I want to know what’s going on with camp! We are still unpacking today…and for like the rest of our lives. No but seriously we have SO much to do and I’m kinda happy to escape it for a little while because I head to Florida…TOMORROW for Pi Phi convention! I can’t believe it, I haven’t done anything for it! I have been so busy with the move and it’s going to be so hard to pack for it with all of my stuff everywhere! I’m getting my self excited now though…..Oh and my room at the new house is a mess but that’s ok I’m just going to get everything setup and then add in all the things that will make it wonderful! The movers are coming AGAIN to put together beds and things like that. AND finally coming to the little Villanova house to get all the things left over here. So it will be a long day but Travis comes home tonight from a mission trip and I’m happy it won’t be just me and Mom and Dad…we need more HELP with all the unpacking! Ok I gotta go. Hopefully I can write more later. Long day ahead. Oh and our movers are SO cute! Happy to see them again today.

Place My Hope In You

Dear God,

My hope is not in you tonight. Tonight I do not have peace. But I’m asking you to bring those things to me. It is so hard sometimes to stay a float in this world. I feel like I can be doing so good and then past decisions or unfinished conflicts come back into my mind to haunt me. God please take over these situations. Allow these situations to leave me. Come into my life and let me give these problems up to you.

Oh Lord, thank you for all that you do for me in hard times and how you can pull me out of the darkest places. I pray that this summer you would remind me again who I am. God, please remove those from my life that are toxic and place Holy friends who can build me up and I them. God, that is my main prayer that you would guide all of my relationships and friendships. I need this more than anything. Guidance from Christlike friends, PLEASE bring more and more of those into my life this year and remove those who pull me away from you. God, I know the path I want to be on. It’s your path, your plan for me and I pray that tonight I will take a few more steps down that road.

Moving Day!

Here comes the furniture! Ah I am SO EXCITED about today. New things are happening and I am HAPPY! I am so thankful for change and hope and moving on. I feel like last semester was such a struggle…Sophomore year was so hard on me but I really feel such a newness washing over me…I blame it on Gods grace! I can be made new every morning and that is so so so wonderful to me. I am currently sitting at Starbucks in HP village getting everything ready for convention..kinda looking through emails I never read haha and getting EXCITED! I’m sad a little though because Julie, our president and the other girl going with me, isn’t on my flight or even on my shuttle to the airport I don’t think. AND she isn’t even my roommate! But it’s ok we will be together during sessions and stuff so that will be hilarious. I’m praying that God would really open my heart to all that is Pi Phi and really tell me if this is where he wants me to really invest myself during college because so far that’s exactly where I’ve put my time and energy, as well as leadership skills. I hope he gives me a new excitement for Pi Phi and for the ministry it really is! I really believe he will.

Ok so yesterday I went to The Porch with Elsa, Georgia, Spam and my cousin, Stephanie. The Porch is a worship service at Water Mark Church. I’ve never been there until yesterday and it was beautiful! the talk went along perfectly with my quiet time which was VERY cool! It was from Philippians 4 talking about fear and worry…mainly how we worry about everything in our lives. Like everything. Who will we marry? What will we wear? Do we look good today? Are we going to live well? Will we be rich? All of these questions..I hate to say I have definitely wondered and hoped for the obvious answers…yes I want to look good, yes I want to be rich, yes I want to get married…now! Haha just kidding. But all of these things shadow what God wants to do in us TODAY. We miss out on opportunities because we are WORRYING. Lord I pray you will take my worry away and fill it with your peace. Peace that lets me know I am safe in your hands.

When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3

Rainy Morning

Good morning! Today I woke up at 7 and headed out the door for my morning jog/walk around 720! I’ve only done it for 2 days now but I have to say it sure does make my days better! And I hope you to continue it as a habit this summer! Everything is so beautiful in the mornings, even today when it was gloomy, I saw women in their robs grabbing their news papers, men headed off to work, walkers with their dogs, bikers. the day is fresh and you have the chance to make it what you want! That is what I find so refreshing in the mornings…a new chance, a fresh start. Because it really is! If you stop to think about every day you’re given..why not be a better you then you were the day before? Why not take this so very fragile life and realize you have ONE of them! Just one. One life to choose what you’ll do on this earth. As I read back on this post it sounds very ME centered what will I do in this life, what will I amount to. My quiet time this morning cancels all of that out by focusing on the “inner life” of a person. We all have it. We all make choices and choose which way to let our thoughts wander, and it’s very ME focused.

Oswald Chambers says it this way, “The continual inner-searching we do in an effort to see if we are what we ought to be generates a self-centered, sickly type of Christianity, not the vigorous and simple life of a child of God.”

How amazing is that quote. Because it is SO true. I am constantly thinking am I who I ought to be at this point in my life. Am I on the right track? Have I done enough? Am I measuring up in others eyes? All of these questions are so WRONG. If we are in the WILL OF GOD then we are exactly who we ought to be. If I’m asking more questions about Him and less about me then my heart and mind are in the place I want them to stay.

Oswald also say this, “We must get to the point of being sick to death of ourselves, until there is no longer any surprise at anything God might tell us about ourselves.”

To me this quote speaks volumes and to be honest with you, after choices I’ve made, friends I have hurt, I believe I am at a place of annoyance with my own self and am very continent in letting God show me areas in my life that I have failed. I’m so tired of living “The Emily Way” it REALLY is a path to destruction. That’s just how sinful my nature is. But through CHRIST I have been made PERFECT…perfect? Me? No-no I am far from perfect..but when you put me in the middle of God’s grace..there I am found perfect. And that is something to smile about.

Thank you, Lord.

New Room Ideas

Ok everyone…I have a new room in the Dallas house with sea-salt colored walls a huge front horizontal window and A TON of potential for a beautiful room! Right now I have a white lace comforter with white lace pillows. A dark brown wooden four poster bed that has a matching dark wooden dresser with a mirror. So I have the main pieces to a room but need more ideas to make it perfect!

The main thing I am taking from these pictures are:

1. rugs

2. pops of color

3. mix and matching!

Here are some of my favorite ideas for rooms…a few colors/rugs can make the whole room!

This I love because there are SO many different things added in. My favorite has to be the over lapping rugs..while I won’t be doing that in my room at my PARENTS house it’s a great thing to remember for my own house. I must have an animal skin rugs…I’m sorry but must must must!

Next thing I love in this is the deer antlers..right by the chandelier! I LOVE THAT! The few pops of colors are also something I am taking notes on…need some color in my new room.

This is obviously very different from the first picture I showed. What I like about this is the simplicity. And I love love love the blanket with fur..I’m a sucker recently for animal skin FAUX is best of course. The one long pillow is so simple and I love that it is supposed to resemble a feed sack fabric. The windows are a lot like the ones that are in my new room. Mine seem to be lower and a little bit longer though.

The thing about this picture is obviously the pillows! So many colors and different textures. I’m happy with my white comforter because it will be easy to add colors through different pillows. Recently when I was in Wyoming, my Mom and I went into a store in Jackson that had the most beautiful turquoise and orange pillows…interesting combination huh? But my favorite thing was silver sequins that were sown on them! Might need to try something like that in my new room!

This room is by far my favorite I think. Mainly because of the sealing and all of the wood. Absolutly gorgoues! And that chandelier…WOW. But the main reason I posted it for ideas of my new room is because of the orange rug! Aaahhhh!! My room is so plain right now and a pop of color would do wonders in it..I just need to figure out if my sea salt color will look good with potentially…an orange rug! The one in this picture is ideal because it isn’t one solid color so it brings a nice blend to everything.

I love the strips on this bedding. It is so fun and easy to accesorize! Don’t you think? The small windows are so cute also!…The quote in the missdle circle says…”We are so good together”. CAN NOT wait to decorate my future home!

I think it is so fun to add a personal touch to a room as well so I’ve asked my sister, Whitney and two of my best friends BriAnn and Georgia to bring me a rock or sea shell from their adventures abroad. BriAnn will be in Uganda, Georgia in London and Whitney in Spain. My Dad started this collection in Malibu and recently from Wyoming he added to it, each rock he’s written a little note on. I’ll put my collection in a glass bowl! I think it will be pretty!

I’ll try and put up more pictures from when my room is being put together.

Moving/packing up starts TOMORROW! YIPPEE!!! Furniture will come from McKinney on Thursday!!

Home and Happy

Today is Sunday and we are back home for Father’s Day!

We had an amazing time in WYOMING and I am so sad that I didn’t get to blog more while I was there!

Already missing my buddy Rebel!

It was a great day at church and I really enjoyed college sunday school! But as we were studying Phillipeans…THE FIRE ALARM went off haha! A first for me in church. It was very exciting to say the least HAHA! This week is moving week…AKA stressful but very exciting! I am a little bummed about my room because for Whitney’s room she chose a beautiful coral color and for mine I went with a light green blue it is SO pretty but it doesn’t quite pop like Whitney’s room! I’m going to post ideas for my room later, just wanted to check in!


Wyoming DAY 4

Well like always I had an amazing post and the internet closed when I tried to add pictures! SO no pictures for a while but that’s ok because I am putting up on fb as I type! Today is a wonderful day…we are in town at Jackson Hole Roaster Coffee Shop and it is by far THE prettiest day we have had here! No clouds blocking the mountains this morning and I AM HAPPY!

Today is my parents 26th wedding anniversary…I will only say this…I am so blessed that in my childhood as other parents split up and friends confided in me…I never feared for my family and because of that I am forever thankful to my Mom and Dad. Their example of Christlike marriage is one I hope I can follow in my own! Thank you Mom and DAD!!!

I will try to write more later! I LOVE YOU!

Good Morning, Wyoming!

Yesterdway, day 2 in Wyoming was an amazing day! We drove to pick up my Aunt and Uncle at the airport which isn’t far from our house at all! And we gave them a tour of the horses and the house when we returned! After that we all hoped in one of the cars and went to the Grand Teton National Park….WOW it was beautiful! We saw two moose..moose’s? I have no idea haha! Anyway we saw them and we also saw lots of deer type animals…in the same family, at least. So gorgeous. I can’t begin to describe the love and comfort I find in traveling to new paces like this, I wrote a letter to a friend yesterday and described traveling as finding pieces of myself I didn’t even know were missing! Every new adventure, every new animal….I just can’t get enough. And of course the company here is wonderful too. I have loved being with Mom, Dad and Travis! Aunt T and Uncle Rick have added some fun into the group as well.

It’s 7:15 here and I have been awake since 6:30! I had a peaceful quiet time praying that God would remind me anew this morning that in my life the OLD has gone and the new is HERE! Thank you Lord that I don’t have to stay where I’ve been.

Pictures later!