The future seems bright

I have loved this Malibu trip so so much. I was able to be at cousins, graduation from Pepperdine law. Very inspiring. Very stirring. What will I be doing after graduation? Where could I go for grad school? There are so many questions flying through my mind recently and I have no idea what will happen to me even next year. What decisions can I make that would push me into the direction God would have me go, I’m starting to see that dreaming with God gives you many mnay more options than dreaming alone.

Graduation over the Pacific Ocean in Malibu

So Lord take my creativity and turn it into yours. I’m in this for the long haul.

Just some thoughts.




Ok so far Malibu and our California trip has been AMAZING! I am growing so much this summer and I feel like after Catalyst God has been working on my creativity and reminding me to dream big. Malibu couldn’t be a better place to do this…it is so wonderful, amazing, gorgoues, I’m OBSESSED. I love Texas but if I could find myself out here for a summer for an internship or something I would be beyond myself. The house we’re staying at I can’t get enough of. Simple decorating with whites and sea shells, it couldn’t be more my style! Lots of creative details in each room I don’t want to forget so here are some pictures….

Did I mention I can hear sea gulls, see the ocean and smell the salt water? Not to mention it’s about 68 degrees and sunny.

I have found my heaven on earth.

Our street!
Front Patio

Front room

Messy Kitchen!

Kitchen table..complete with a vase full of sea shells


I have quite a few more I will try and post later!

Going on a walk on the beach with my Dad…a beautiful beautiful life!


Mom and Dads room

My room! Beautiful and danity!

Other TV room..the rugs are awesome!

Gramma and Papas room

Backyard...grill and walk way up to white wooden chairs

As you can see this house is gorgeous…Can’t wait to decorate my own someday! Now onto getting that dream job that will make it possible!



A little more about me!

I took this all off of my about me to add my favorite quote! Anyways here is pretty much all any cyper-stalker needs to know about me!

I am the Vice President of Event Planning for the Texas Zeta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi. I have loved college so far and couldn’t be more excited about my next two years!

I love my family..more then words can describe. I know that’s clich√© but it’s the truth. They have molded me into the person I am and who I will become. Without them this world would be a very sad place.

My Dad is my hero, inspiring me daily through the life he has chosen, a life lived not for Him but for our savior Jesus Christ. My Mom is my best friend, her laugh is the soundtrack to my childhood and her beauty is enthralling.

My twin sister, Whitney, is my hope. Her love for me holds tightly even when I fail.

My little brother Travis, isn’t so little anymore. He’s the artwork to my summers. He could not be more talented or creative.

I have a passion for adventure. And as one can see I love animals. A past dream of mine was to become a veteranarian..that dream has been altered a little but maybe someday I’ll purchase that doggy in the window.


I am truly amazed by the past few days. All that I learned and felt at Catalyst won’t leave my mind. I’ve realized that when God speaks into my life and I ACTUALLY LISTEN…my creativity is strong, my future brighter and my laughter louder!

You might ask well Emily you have always known these things…yes..but I wasn’t living in it! Wasn’t expecting it! Wasn’t waking up with a smile on my face! Today is the most beautifully perfect day and this morning Whitney, Dad, Mom and I were able to go on a walk and we took a football with us so when we ended up at the park we played a little while..Oh it was bliss! Life is SO good. And I am filled.

The old Emily is dead. And I am thankful.

Catalyst 2011

This morning I had no idea what was upon me. I knew I was going to Catalyst and I knew I would be challenged and maybe hear a few favorite songs. I had no idea what God would ask of me. But he has asked and I am answering with obedience. I am coming to my parents in hopes that they will left a burden I placed on myself. I didn’t think this would be something I would share with them anytime soon. Maybe in a few years when we could all laugh about it not during the still healing process.

But I do believe that complete and total freedom comes from complete and total surrender and an undoing of ones self. Because as long as you bottle things up the MORE it hurts.

I thought that I would have secrets to the grave but guess what they’re never really secrets. God knows. You know he knows, you’re just too afraid to admit it to Him..or maybe you HAVE admitted it to Him and you know what, you were fine when you told Him, it wasn’t even that hard! My next challenge for you is maybe the next step is that God is telling you to tell SOMEONE else.

What? Tell someone else MY secret? The one I have held onto for all this time? NO WAY! This would ruin me. What would they think? Who else would they tell???

Friend it isn’t about them.

It’s about you. It’s about you being able to live a free life. A life where you have no weights on your shoulders and no heavy heart. I’ve been living this life with a heavy heart and I can’t do it anymore

Summer Days

My Mom and I have a lot of plans for this summer…#1 goal? GET FIT! I have been in such a haze of school that I barely worked out this semester and while I never gained the infamous “freshman fifteen” I should be much more active than I am! So far out workouts consist of morning walks! Which sounds like not enough BUT if motivates you to eat healthy for the rest of the day! We’re planning on adding a few classes and we even got a Dancing With The Stars Workout DVD…mainly for my Aunt Teri who is so fun! I can’t wait to do our work out at the cabin in Wyoming this summer..or you never know maybe we will bust it out for Stephs graduation in Malibu!

Ok I am sitting at Starbucks writing…I know I’m SO ARTSY he he but THE worlds cutest puppies just got tied up outside right by the window I’m sitting looks like a white chihuahua and the other is a white maltese. They are SO cute. I can’t wait to have my own doggy! Bur my Mom is a firm believer in not having young children and a dog so it might be years before I decide to get one..not that I’m planning on having kids soon. Ha-ha!

Anyways I really am SO excited for this summer and I think it is off to a great start already. Being active, lots of goals for Mom and I! I don’t know how much I’ll see friends…BriAnn is off to Uganda, Sterling is going to Israel, Whitney is in Spain, and Georgia is in Tennessee! And I’m here..well and Malibu, Wyoming, Florida, Estes oh, and potentially Durango for a weekend. So as you can see it’s going to be an awesome summer, but even more than awesome I hope it’s rewarding! I hope I do accomplish goals, build relationships and really grow into myself. I think I have been focusing so much on others recently, well this past semester especially, that I have nearly completely neglected MYSELF. And I am so excited for that to stop! I am excited to grow in my relationship with Christ..attempt to love, argue,¬† struggle, laugh, learn and find Him again this summer.

Off to the next adventure of the day.


Mother’s Day

Oh what a day! To celebrate birth, life and the women who have given us both…I am joyful! This morning I was able to attend Park Cities. I love being here. It reminds me of my childhood and my Dad did yet another amazing job, preaching the gospel and applying the message not just to Moms, but to all of us!

I can not begin to describe the influence my Mom has had over me. Rasing twins and then a little boy, I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Mom trying to get me to ballet classes or flute recitals, just practicing these things weren’t ever on my to-do list. From dating punks to skipping youth group (once, never again!) I put my Mom through a lot, and I know I wasn’t as kind as I could have been in my preteen years. A fire-ball of a little girl, always quick to speak and very slow to listen, I couldn’t be more proud today to tell y’all that I’m actually more like my Mom than I ever realized. I wear my title proudly..Little Stac, I am!

I love you, Mom!


Finals Grind

I’m currently taking a quick 10 minute break from studying for finals…could this BE anymore stressful? Most of my classes are going to end up fine but it’s always frustrating to me to be at the end of the semester and think about how EASY my classes could have been if I had just stuck to it earlier and not been so nonchalant about grades until…NOW!

Studying for my last final, Political Science right now and let me tell you, this is NOT my cup of tea!But I am studying in the Baylor Law School Library…appropriate for this final I believe. Hope I don’t get kicked out

In better news: Looks like I will be receving an A in french.. Heureux de lui..Meaning “happy about it!”

MUCH more to come on my first day of summer…tomorrow! Can’t wait to play with my blog more and more!