>Less of me MORE of YOU!

>It has been a crazy first semester and this past weekedn I got to go on the freshman spiritual retreat..it RAINED the whole time…but it was perfect the rain just furthered Gods call for us all to relax and just enjoy the weekend…I’ve felt a strong calling on my heart recently. And I know it’s God telling me to finally give over the last pieces of my life to Him…what that is I haven’t exactly figured out…I’m realizing it’s time to abandon all that I know and have known so I can pick UP MY CROSS. I have never felt such a pull on my heart until now…as everything around me changes GOD stays constant. I’m asking Him to become my best friend…before all else I want Him! He is the one who I need and want to live for! I am so excited for all that He is going to bring into my life…I feel like I’m growing closer and closer to Him even know. I know God has a calling on my life that is so SO much bigger then me! Guess it’s time to find it!

Missing everyone back at home! I wish you all were here!
I love you Mr. Gamble! Don’t forget your my best friend!

>Not sure how to title this one….


Lots and lots of things have been going on with me recently! This past labor day weekend has been super CRAZY!

Friday: Stoplight party (Dressing up in green if your single yellow if you don’t know and red if your taken!) It was a lot of fun but I was mainly excited to get to Austin to visit Sterling!
Saturday: Woke up around 830..quietly packed while Lindsey was still sleeping, got on the road to Austin around 930 and probably got to Towers around 11? It’s not too bad of a drive but I wasn’t in the mood to drive so it wasn’t just super fun! Anyway got to Towers and met Sterling’s sweet mates, Phillip and something else that starts with a R…not Richard lol they were both nice and are rushing figi… don’t know how to spell it anyway after that Jed(Sterling’s roommate) Sterling and I went to eat then headed back and got ready for the game! Before the game we went and tailgated with BYX..which was fun but SO SO SO stinkin hot! Like killer hot! Sterling and I grabbed some TCBY ice cream before the game and then headed to the stadium with some of Sterlings BYX friends….Texas won the game…surprise surprise and the fans were a little too
vulgar for my Baylor taste but all in all it was alot of fun to meet Sterlings new friends and see all the UT fans! After that we got Taco Bell and then went to 6th street and walked around just to see what kinda crazy stuff we could see!
Sunday: woke up went to Austin Stone Sterlings new church that I loveeeeee! Can’t remeber where we ate after that but we had lunch and then went to Barton Springs in Zilker park…Way fun but the water is 68 degrees yr round BURRRRR! Rushed to get ready for dinner and then went to the most beautiful restraint called Oasis in Austin over looking Travis lake…we got there right at sunset! Then we watched a movie called Doubt…which was really weird
Monday: Woke up…starbucks…. shopping and then back to Waco!

I’m home now typing this from my dorm room..thinking about my best friend Mr. Gamble who fell resently and is in ICU..I wish with all my heart I could be there with him..they have him medicated so he isn’t aware of peoples presence but I would love to talk to him anyway…I had wnated to go home today to see him but I had to get back to Waco to start on some homework I’ve post poned…
Dear God,
I pray that you will be with my Mr. Gamble and take away any pain he may feel. I pray you will give Denise, Sam, Greg and his wife, Jackson, Rebecca, Kimberly and both Matts peace and comfort as our sweet Mr. Gamble stays in the hospital for a while. I pray he isn’t hurting at all and I pray they will wake him up soon so he can go home…Please give me hope and I pray that you will remind Mr. Gamble how loved he is by everyone. I miss my best friend and I can’t wiat to see him again God, thank you for bringing Mr. Gamble into my life and heart. I pray you will love on him all the time while he is in the hospital. I love him and I love YOU God! Please hear our prayer for my sweet sweet precious friend! In Jesus name! Amen!