Motivational Mornings

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I don’t know if there is anyone who loves mornings quite like me. Waking up refreshed with a completely clean slate for this day is the best feeling in the world! You can go to sleep knowing a new day is coming tomorrow and the worries of this one will be gone. Not to mention it’s Monday: Bachelor tonight;). But seriously I really try to treasure my quiet mornings before the craziness that may find me that day. I woke this morning extremely early to go on run, until I checked the temp..YIKES! I can’t wait for spring and summer morning temperatures…my favorite seasons! SO instead I have filled my morning with coffee, quiet time and the pure bliss of having tons of free time before my first class! I hope you have had a wonderful and productive morning as well! This morning when I was catching up on my twitter and blog updates I was reminded of my Dads sermon yesterday @PCBC through his twitter…I love both of these tweets but the second one really resonated with me…”Let your light shine-for the greater good of EVERYONE in your life today!” What a positive and beautiful picture! Let every person who comes into contact with you today leave feeling better about themselves and curious to where your joy comes from! We’ve got today! No promises of tomorrow, not even a promise of this afternoon, so why not CHOOSE happiness and joy! Whatever problems you have woken up to let them melt away, turn your thoughts to Christ and He will shine His light through you!

“She will have no fear of bad news; her heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.”-Psalm 112:7

Let this be said of me today God, that whatever today holds my heart would not be shaken but firmly planted in you so that even in trials I am confident and can continually boast in you!

Here are a few pictures from my weekend in Dallas, a great time of renewal and rest before lots of tests coming up!

“I am with you always.”

This morning I went to yoga to loosen up for an 11 mile run this afternoon (training for a half marathon to run with my Dad:) ).. The instructor played a CD that was supposed to “awaken” positive thinking, interestingly enough since she told us that’s what it was meant for I tried to focus on positive thoughts, I don’t think there was anything really in the music that triggered it but I think if I were to focus on positive thinking more in my life, it would happen! And today I’m going to focus on that, because it’s really not always that easy. Every morning I read Jesus Calling, a great devotional that reads as if Jesus was speaking to you directly, and most of them time that seems to be exactly what happens! Today is titled, “I Am With You Always.” Funny how easy it is to forget this promise and feel like you’re doing everything alone. I know I am subject to silly pity and have a woe-is-me type attitude at times. If we step back from whatever worry we are carrying it’s easier to realize how small our problems really are. A situation that might be consuming our thoughts can easily be given over to God and our hearts can be free to worship and thank him again.

So Lord, I pray that today I would recognize the beauty in small things and give all of my worries over to you. Let me enjoy today without any hindrance. Make your promise obvious to me and let me feel you with me all day long! Thank you for sending your son so that we can be set free from worry. Do a work in me today and mold me into who you’d have me be. I love you!

Spring Smoothies

As of late I have been obsessing over SMOOTHIES! Seriously. They make me SO excited for summer. Ah to be poolside with a good book and a yummy protein shake. I am so happy it’s finally getting warmer, I know February still has to happen but come on we are so close to spring! Anyway I thought I’d share with y’all some of my favorite blogs that are preparing me for my favorite summer treat!

This site has great vegan, and gluten-free recipes! Really promotes spinach in a lot of the recipes which at first I was totally against until realizing, you can’t even taste it! Not to mention it make your smoothie a pretty green color! 🙂 Love the title too..Blender Girl! My favorite recipe so far is this Home-Made Almond Milk. I made it with cocoa coated almonds so it actually came out more like a chocolate milk! Delicious!

Skinnytaste is AMAZING! It has SO many recipes and I actually stumbled across it this past summer when I made this Skinny Taco Layered Dip for a Mavs watch party! I’m planning on trying Gina’s Skinny Green Monster Smoothie later today!

And last but definitely not least…one of my favorites..20 Slimtastic Smoothies! This has easy, simple recipes for quick smoothies for those of us on the run..or post run treats! As the weather gets warmer I will be trying out these delicious and easy recipes! I also love adding in a few drops of honey into almost all of these smoothies for some sweet taste, brown sugar is also a great add! I become obsessed with smoothies this summer, poolside my Dad would make peanut butter banana protein shakes…still my all time favorite! They make you feel full and energized! Making healthy choices isn’t hard when there are great options out there! Hop on the bandwagon! I promise you won’t regret choosing to be healthy and happy! 🙂

P.S. if you haven’t yet, it’s time to get Kari Jobe’s new CD!


Positiviley Positive

Current Mood: Joyful, positive, happy

Reasons: Jesus, Kari Jobe’s new CD, Rain, Cancelled classes!

As many of you know this semester has me with my head stuck in the books and all things social put on a back burner till Senior year! This semester is by far going to be the most challenging and without time with friends I have already been forced to recognize my dependence on Jesus and his friendship for reassurance and positivity! I’m by nature a very positive person, I think I get it from my parents:) but after a long day of classes and finally getting home at 7ish I have very little energy left in my to go play or catch up with important people in my life, so that has definitely brought a negativity in my heart. Even as I feel weighed down by busyness Christ asks for my time, beautifully spoken to me this morning through my quiet time,

“Bring Me the sacrifice of your time, and watch to see how abundantly I bless you and your loved ones.”

I love that he promises to bless my loved ones too, relationships take time and energy but they also take prayer so for those friends of mine that are far or I haven’t been able to catch up with recently know I am in prayer for our friendships and I’m thankful for you!

Plans for the day: Since I’m training for a half marathon with my Dad I’ve been following a training schedule and today I’ll be running 4 miles! Lots of studying to be done this afternoon, so will be cooped up in the library. Revenge is on tonight, love that time with Ramie!

2nd Semester thus far..

You know how sometimes you just need to recoup? That’s what I’ve been doing this semester…I’ve been in denial that school has started pretty much…since school started haha. I feel like I had an amazing time with rush and started the year off beautifully with so many wonderful people by my side and now with 18 hours and very little time with all of my Pi Phis I am having to really figure out where my community is going to be this semester. I have been so blessed by a renewed friendship with my sweet friend Lindsey and I am so thankful that I get to have much of my evenings with Ramie. She is a great joy in my life. Last weekend I was in Dallas for Lindsey 21st birthday, we had a beautiful dinner and then were able to hang out at her adorable apartment before I headed home. Dad and I ran White Rock Lake together, and I am SHOCKED by how much I really love running!…Who knew!

This Friday was my Papas birthday…and when I realized that I knew I had to surprise him so on Friday afternoon Ramie and I packed up and headed to Houston. We met at my Aunt and Uncles house before surprising Papa at the steak house. I walked up to the table and said, “Excuse me sir may I sit here?’ and Papa was SO surprised! It was hilarious and SO cute! Ramie and I had a blast with my Uncle Rick, Aunt T, Gramma and Papa! I was happy to share that sweet time with Ramie. Saturday we woke up and ran our 10 miles at Teri Hershey Park in Houston, a great but VERY humid run. Glad we made it out alive:)

After being gone the past 2 weekends I’m feeling a disconnect from Waco and my classes so my own personal goals this week is to revive my motivation for school and just life in Waco in general, it’s a city I’m easily bored with and I don’t want that to be the case so I am excited to prioritize my time and really try to get into a pattern this semester of a healthy, happy year! I’m looking forward to this week and all it holds!


I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write in a while! It has been an amazing week of rush. I can’t begin to describe the fulfillment I found during this week, all my hard work paying off for THE most amazing and beautiful pledge class! I am so proud of these new Pi Phis! This week God spoke to me louder than I have heard in quite sometime, fully having to rely on him through it all as we all battled fatigue and lack of sunshine…I was in the Pi Phi room pretty much 3 days straight! I can’t begin to describe the overwhelming support Pi Phi gave me. From offering sonic runs, to moving chairs, hanging posters, helping decorate. I was on the verge of tears more than once as I would notice someone doing the task I was about to start. I have found a new and amazing appreciation for the girls in Pi Phi. I had no idea what this week would look like and to be honest I was very nervous for it. I thought it would be me and my Mom trying to get everything set up and done but it was EVERYONE! Amazing. I wish I could name you all individually, Mom thank you so much for coming down and serving Pi Phi this week….Jessica Chia you ARE amazing. And so so good at your job, I am so happy I’ve gotten to know you better and can’t wait for so much more fun to be had together! Cara started my week off by helping me hang posters, Melissa, Abby, Hannah, then Courtney Novak up on a ladder helping me take posters down. Allison, Kaylaynn, Coco, helping set up for skit day and fixing the originally HIDEOUS background into something beautiful. Seeing my Mom on a ladder quietly doing work had me in tears one night. Whitney, BriAnn, and Ramie thank you for supporting me this week! Just everyone, Maddie Davis bringing me tea, so sweet. CC, Taylor, Ann, Val, Weez, Elizabeth, Abby, Anna, Megan, Laura. My beautiful pref day singers and musicians. Alli Baker, you were my rock this week. I can not ever repay you or tell you how truly amazing of a friend you are to me. You are amazing. I can’t name everyone but just know I have distinct memories that pull at my heartstrings as I think that YOU would take the time to help me. I am humbled to the point of tears. Even after the week words of encouragement that I do not deserve. It truly was an amazing week for Pi Phi as we served and loved one another. I could not have asked for a better way to start 2012.

As school starts up again I’m sad because I can’t be in SING… I have to take a ton of classes this semester to make sure I am on the path of graduating on time. But I will continue to replay this week in my head and hold onto the memories I share with y’all! I can’t WAIT for more memories with the new baby angels…THEY ARE AWESOME!