Fall Favorites

This post might be a little premature but I can NOT wait until fall at Baylor. It seems like every season is my favorite in the beginning but this year I really couldn’t be more excited for fall.

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Besides the record-breaking heat that has hit Waco, I always think fall brings a more relaxed feel to Baylor campus, the students, the professors, we’re all getting back into the groove of things and everything isn’t as crazy as it was at the beginning of the semester. Well, for me and many other Baylor kids, that might not be the case with fall parties, pigskin and such but still it will be nice. I know this semester is going to be hectic, even today my day was packed full. I am thankful to have a little bit of time right now to write about whatever my little heart desires. Hehe! I’m ready for movie nights with my roommates as the air grows cold outside and brisk morning walks before anyone else is up. That’s when I can think and prepare for my day with God. So far in college fall/winter catches me off guard and the past two years I have stumbled greatly in my faith during this time. I’m not sure why but I am happy I have recognized that. Perhaps my endurance runs low or I become complacent being back in Waco. This year I won’t let that happen again, while the weather gets colder it doesn’t mean I have to. I’ve had such a beautiful and fresh start this semester. I can tell nothing about this year will be my “norm”. Thank you, God!





I’m so excited for fall, I wanted to go ahead and find some must haves/must dos for one of my favorite seasons! I love, love, SCARFS in the winter and fall! So cozy. They remind me of a summer in London and Paris with my best friend after senior year. Georgia and I packed more scarves than anything else I think! Whitney likes really colorful scarves but I think I like mine solid color, very simple. The one in the picture is perfect because you can wrap it around as many times as you’d like, depending on how cold you are. This might seem silly but the other thing I CAN NOT wait for is all the pumpkin drinks/cakes/pancakes to come back! Oh, I don’t know what is better than a pumpkin spice latte on a fall evening. Makes me melt just thinking about it! A few more things that I couldn’t be more excited for: Windy afternoons, boots, long sleeves, dark nail polish, thanksgiving break, football games, family, homemade soups, new memories, jeans, fires, happy, happy day!

Living Out My Theology

I loved my quiet time this morning in Oswald Chambers ‘My Utmost for His Highest’. It touched on how the light we receive from God can be turned into darkness if we don’t constantly use it in the way He would have us.

“If you do not obey the light, it will turn into darkness.”

He makes the point that the second you forsake the gifts God has bestowed upon you, is the very second your spiritual life begins to “disintegrate within you.” Lord, don’t let that be the case for me! This hit me hard this morning because it made me question how often I do that. What good things have I hidden from others because God was not my center focus that day. I pray that I would continually bring truth into my life and work it out in every area of my life. I think that sometimes we have compartmentalized Christ so much, that it ends up ruining our relationship with him because we don’t allow him into all that we do. And that only hurts us.

Chambers made me think hard about this next one: “the most difficult people to deal with is the one who has the prideful self-satisfaction of a past experience, but is not working that experience out in his everyday life.” WOW. I have talked so much about the amazing summer I had and how God completely turned me around, upside down, sideways haha you name it! I hope that I don’t allow that experience to die off this semester. I want to work everything I learned out and into my life. God allow me to do that today, don’t let any lesson go without a living example being set through me.

“If you say you are sanctified, show it.”

I may know all about the doctrine of sanctification but am I really working it out in the everyday issues of my life? Lord, teach me more. I am available.

The Secret Place

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This morning my quiet time was about meeting with the Father who is “in the secret place”. I love this. I think the intimacy that comes with this thought is so rewarding. Of course God is everywhere and at anytime we can call on Him, but to recognize that there is a secret and wonderful place to meet with Him and cast your burdens down, I just am so thankful.This semester is going to be the craziest one of my life, once Pigskin practice starts up I’m literally toast in my classes! And I am going to feel so worn at times, tired, probably frustrated and I’m going to need an outlet that can rejuvenate me. I’m thankful to know where the best rejuvenation can be found! And it isn’t in friends, working out, parties, where ever people try to find peace. It is in the secret place with the One who loves me more than I can ever understand. I pray that today as I go to ballet, math, journalism, a meeting for rush, I just am begging God to be with me through every part of my day. I’ve realized a lot this summer and even this semester, and my most humbling realization is that I cannot do this all alone. So Lord find me. Here I am. God please be with me today, let me walk so close to you that I become less and less and that you are seen more and more. Because what else is there? Thank you, Lord. In Jesus name.

First Day Junior Year: Check

I am so ready for this semester. My physical health and happiness has never been better and my spiritual health is growing day by day. I am so thankful for the summer God gave me. This morning my devotional was about the realization of how unworthy we are. I think that is so important for me to remember. This summer my wake up call was discovering I wasn’t turning into the person I wanted to be. I saw how little decisions along the way had turned my path away from where I wanted to go. This semester I know where I want to end up and who I want to become. I also recognize that it takes little decisions to keep you on the path you’ve intended for yourself, or better yet the one God has laid out for you. My prayer for today, tomorrow, junior year is that when God looks for an open heart that is ready to serve Him, he will find that heart in me.

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” Isaiah 6:8

I was really thinking about this verse this morning as I did my devotional and just felt the need to really apply it to my junior year. It will be a busy one. I am learning that even just today BUT God will be my best friend and comforter through it all. Thank you God for fresh starts, new friends, and that you are holding my hand everywhere I go. I love you.

Back @ Baylor

I am SO HAPPY to be back! God has completely answered my prayers about giving me a love for this place. After an amazing summer in pretty much polar opposite cities to Waco, I was worried I wouldn’t be too thrilled about being back but now that I am here it has been AMAZING! I love catching up with everyone and can already tell this is going to be one of the best semesters EVER! I am praying for great things to happen in my life and that God would guide me this year. I am fulfilled in Him.

One of the greatest things about being back was redoing my room! I didn’t get complete new bedding or furniture I just took out a few pieces and added some as well. New shams on the pillows, new rug and then rearranged my room! It feels so fresh and SO much bigger now! I have gotten into a great habit of keeping my rooms (Dallas, and Waco) really clean and I doubt this semester will be any different. I am strangely quite the neat freak!

This is a picture of the dresser that my Mom and I painted before my sophomore year. The lovely Leah Berlin hooked me up with it since she was getting a new one for Tori, this is the family I nannied for. When I got it, the dresser was white with golden retriever puppy drawer handles! Haha! Needless to say I took those off. Replaced them with glass knobs. It was quite the project but it ended up being the exact color of turquoise I had hoped for. This year I feel like I’ve grown out of it a tad but the pop of color is welcomed in my room since we decided not to paint at Tres Grande. I have necklaces hanging on the walls along with picture frames all filled with memories from this summer. The ones here are all from Malibu. This next picture is my bed! I moved it from being in the middle of the room and head at the wall to more of a day bed style…I LOVE it! I have so much more room to stretch and lay things out if I need to. The rug I am in love with, even though I feel like a little kid for still liking zebra but it is tasteful and not too huge! I love prints so that addition made me smile. You can see Freckles and Mrs. Bear up on the bed…Freckles is the leopard and Mrs. Bear was from my wonderful little, Abby Stainback! My white comforter has stitching detail but nothing over the top to clash with the printed pillow or rug.

We placed the marron mantle over my bed last year and it has stayed in the same place since then. New nicknacks have been added and moved around though. On the left proves one of my more artsy moments, an earring holder made from an old picture frame and lace. My Dad brought back that glassed in butterfly from one of his many trips. It’s a beautiful blue. Then more jewlery along with framed pictures from Jackson Hole and Estes. I like the simplicity of this picture because I feel like my room is anything but!

This semester is going to be one of the busiest of my life. With rush, classes, pigskin, I will have to make time to rest. I believe that God has something great planned for my life and that I don’t have to wait till tomorrow to find Him I can do it today. I’m praying that with all the ups and downs that are to come this year that my room can be a sacred place for to rest, rejuvinate and spend simple quiet moments with God. Pray for me this semester as I grow at Baylor and continue to become the women of God I was meant to be.

Summer Workout: Wardrobe

This summer, as I’ve been out and about more I’ve realized my style has changed a great deal..much more comfy and much more sporty! Maybe this is just a phase…phase or not, I’m digging it! I thought it would be fun to show a little of what this new style looks like! So here are a few of my go to pieces, workout or hanging out.

My little in Pi Phi, Abby, and her family LOVE this store called Lululemon. If you are a women and you’ve never heard of it…quit reading! It will save you hundred of dollars if you just stop reading and keep wearing your nike shorts! Haha I’m just kidding but seriously this store is AMAZING! I LOVE IT. I can’t even tell you how much I have been/bought from there this summer…here are a few of my favorite go to items from Lulu:

The quality of all of it is so GOOD and you won’t want to wear anything else. I’m just saying! My favorite places to work out this summer, since we are in between gym memberships, has been neighborhood walks, our pool, White Rock Lake and Katy Trail. Most recently I have been out on Katy a TON! Will be there tomorrow morning before a tour of Buckner with my Dad and Whitney. Should be a great time! Here are my new favorite shoes:

They are awesome! Luke’s Locker will hook you up with exactly what you need and there is a new one that just opened up on Mockingbird. So after you get your new shoes, hit up Lulu and then I’ll catch you on the Katy Trail! Hehe…love finding new things to enjoy.

Top 5 Dallas Restaurants

As I get sentimental about heading back to good ole Baylor and leaving my beloved Dallas behind I thought I’d think up a few of my favorite places to eat, drink and be merry! These are in no specific order, I just tried to bring in a couple of different food styles.

Numbero 5: Digg’s Taco Shop

This is THE cutest and quickest taco place in Dallas. Being right across from SMU, on Hillcrest it is usually packed with college kids hungry for their awesome guacamole. My order usually consists of a solo taco with shredded beef and cheese. Delicious!

Number 4: HILLSTONE, although to me it will always be the original Houston’s.

Our Hillstone location in Dallas is in Preston Center Plaza, which is right by our old house so after church we would walk on over to Hillstone and I would constantly order the Hawaiian rib eye. The juiciest steak ever. You will die and go to Heaven and then come back and have another bite. YUM.

Number 3: Village Burger Bar

This is one or maybe my Dads number one pick almost every time we go out to eat. The atmosphere is so fun. It’s in uptown with a Starbucks just around the corner, which I always seem to have room for even after a huge burger! I could be boring and tell y’all my normal cheeseburger order but I think I’ll send y’all to my Dads favorite, since he is the King of VB. He orders the turkey burger. Much healthier choice and just as yummy…if not yummier! My family LOVES their skinny fries but MOST of all their sweet potato fries. So G-O-O-D

Number 2: Taco Diner ( I know, I know, another mexican place)

But this one is different! The difference to me between Digg’s and TD is the atmosphere, along with location AND menu. There seems to be more families at TD and the location is closer to Northwest Highway and…a Starbucks….hehe. The dip they give with the salsa is so so awesome. You will be full before your meal if you’re not careful. I usually get a salad or the cheese burger…I’m serious, Whitney and I always split it because it has like 3 patties or something crazy like that? Mmmm it is good. So Digg’s college hippy feel/TD families, both pretty casual.


Ok this is actually number one for me. It is an amazing restaurant in the arts district. I went here for a birthday dinner after a friend suggested it to me and let me tell you I have NEVER seen a restaurant so beautiful designed and decorated. There is one in Fort Worth that I have never been to but the Dallas one is unreal. There is one room and the walls are covered…covered in peacock feathers…naturally. The food is just as artsy as the decor. You will get popcorn as an appetizer, whether you order it or not. And maybe it was just me but the waiters are all..waiters..no waitresses..at least that’s how I remember it? Haha! The peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie tower is a must…I mean MUST.

New Do..?

I am feeling rebellious in my “back to school hair cut”..thinking I might add some color to it as well! My hair has gotten much lighter this summer and I have always LOVED this coloring…some call it ‘Ombre Hair’ which I’m sorry but I have no idea how to say that cause I want to say it hombre like spanish but that just seems wrong haha! So I will be taking a picture into my hair dresser in attempts to explain. It’s a little funky for Wack-o but that’s otay! The lighter colors frame the face and the roots stay dark. Opposite of the traditional “your roots are showing.” I like it!

What are your thoughts?


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‘How Can You Refuse Him Now?’ By: Brooke Fraser

So before I get into everything…quick catch up. I ended up staying an extra week in Colorado. Friday morning of our guest week, in bible study, I just felt like the Lord was telling me to not leave yet, that my work wasn’t finished there..and boy was he right! I learned so much the week I was on staff. It is hard to pin point exactly what one thing God wanted to teach me that week, it could be he just wanted to show me some of the behind the scenes at Wind River, one of my favorite places. Somewhere I have gone to for 14 years but I have never seen all the work that goes into it. I also think I met people I was supposed to know. Whether I see them again, like my neighbors (literally) who were there for the week I was on staff or to meet people I may not see again who spoke into my life with just a few days time.

I prayed that Wind River would be the cherry on top of my summer but I had no idea God would give me TWO cherries!

My week as a guest was so relaxing and it was SO great to be with my family. Especially to be with Whitney, I feel like I haven’t seen her very much this summer with her being in Spain. We had SO much fun. She is one of my best friends and I am so blessed that she is also my twin! Love you Whitney! My Mom and I hiked Ouzel Falls, which is where I fell into rapids when I was about 8. Needless to say we haven’t been back until this year and it was filled with much better memories. Dad did a great job speaking, as always, really challenging everyone on the topic of: Fan or Follower. Are we truly following Jesus with our lives or are we just a fan of the things we’ve heard he can do?

I pray that I am a true follower and that the decisions I make are evidence of that. Thank you Lord for all of the blessings you have given me this summer. You had my summer planned out perfectly, without me doing any planning. I don’t think I have had a more life changing summer than this one. I made poor decisions in this past year of school and consequences have followed. But God is faithful. Recently I heard someone thank him for loving us enough to save us from ourselves. I like that. I know God has been faithful in that to me and I hope the course I am on pleases Him. I am forever indebted and grateful to Jesus for his sacrifice and for the love he has shown me even before I was alive, and now I plan to walk with Him daily as he renews and restores me to become more and more like Him.

“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death.” Philippians 3:10