>Rainy Shopping

>Today has been a pretty good day. I went shopping for graduation presents with my Papa aka Sugarbear and Whitney. I felt super sick after waters creek when we got to northpark and as we walked in I said..”Papa I don’t mean to make you nervous..but I think I’m going to faint.” So of course he freaked out and basically through me onto a bench till he could rememember where the food court was. I love him. He’s the most giving peron I’ve ever met! So after we ate I felt a tiny bit better but not good enough to try anyhting on so I sat in the fitting room in Nordstrom without trying on a SINGLE thing! I know, I know me in Nordstrom not shopping? Shows how sick I felt! But by Anthropologie I felt better:) We got our graduation dresses plus a few then we headed to Dillards to get our fancy smantchy luggage which was my P and G real grad present to us. On the way home went back to Vera Bradley and got luggage tags and purses there…all in all it was fun rainy shopping saturday! very excited for tomorrow because it’s mine and W first grad party, my mom and dad are throughing this one for us, for their friends and other adults that have impacted Whitney and I during our highschool years..The house is filled with pictures and awards set up all over the place. Feels like a shrine to the twins!


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