Back From Fall Break

I haven’t written in here in forever! I’m sorry I’m not as good about it as I used to be but I’m going to try and be better..not for any of my “readers” because I’m pretty sure I don’t have any of those haha! BUT I do love writing for me and playing around on here is always fun so I’ll just try and do that. Writing has always been a great wya for me to make since of my thoughts, so if nothing else I hope I do that.

This past weekend I was in Estes Park, CO with 6 of my best friends! It was an amazing trip and I loved showing them Wind River Ranch, a place Whitney and I have grown up at each summer. I couldn’t have been more blessed by the time we shared there.


We were able to relax, hike and just play. It was such a blessed trip that I will never forget. 🙂 Thanks to my amazing friends, CC, BriAnn, Cara, Whitney, T Derr, Brianna, I LOVE YALL.