Finally a break!

I finally have a little bit of time for a break this week! After a test Monday and Tuesday I finally have a little bit of time to myself. Ah I love it. I have been so busy, getting to bed late that I have been really bad about my morning walks. BUT this morning I was able to get myself up out of bed for a morning walk. I was reminded of the importance of that time in my day. This summer my morning walks were a huge deal to me. Completely changed my normally very undisciplined¬†self into a person who really values discipline. I know that’s something I don’t want to change and I’m not planning on letting it!¬†

This week has been huge for God and I..and it’s only Wednesday! I am so happy with all he’s been teaching me and continues to teach me through others. I was feeling very stuck and I was praying asking him ok God what is next for me. I felt like I had let go of somethings that had piled up on me being back at Baylor, and he completely shocked me with what his plan has been for me. He has once again made everything seem so small compared to His grace. Our greatest faults and sins here on earth have no match for his grace. I think that is what God has been reminding me of.

I’ve also been so thankful to Pi Phi this past week. SO many leaders, encouragers and courageous testimonies. My Papa has been recovering from a surgery that removed a bit of cancer they found and it has been a very hard recovery. I sent out an email on Tuesday to the chapter asking for prayers and within maybe 30 minutes of sending it out asking girls to stop and pray, my grandmother said Papa was feeling SO much better! I think I know why…200plus girls were praying for him! The community that is Pi Phi is so amazing to me.

P is for: Perserver

I am overwhelmed.

I mean really so much going on. I had my first test of Junior year today..haha that is weird. It went really well, due to me not having a social life this past weekend. Praying tomorrows test goes as well as todays! It’s Ideas of mathematics though, so who knows what will happen with that. I haven’t taken math since junior year of HIGH SCHOOL haha!! But I have been very consistent, doing all of the homework, being present in class and I know my professors office hours by heart because I am almost always in there asking questions galore. This is just a quick post to vent I guess or just act like I have time for blogging. A girl can pretend can’t she? It’s like I almost see the light after these tests and then I realize I have pigskin practice or another meeting or project. I guess this is just how things work! And don’t get me wrong I CAN NOT wait to be in PIGSKIN as a first place participant! GO PBP. Tonight will be my first practice with PC 11. I love them and I’m so excited they get to be grannies. God has used them in great ways to bless me and they are continually blessing this new freshman class. I am so proud.

Can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon to get here. 3:15 will be my favorite moment of tomorrow.

Test free, quiz free, ah what a feeling that will be!

First Day of Fall

I am so so happy to say that today is officially the first day of fall. There is absolutely nothing that could burst my bubble! It is gorgeous outside and I’m snuggled up at a coffee shop, not even a bit bothered that I’m studying for a math test…yes on a Friday afternoon. But I will be smiling when I get an A…or a B or even a C+, Warrens aren’t known for their math skills haha! Another reason to be happy today is this is my 100th blog post!

I did a fall blog post not too long ago so I won’t bore you again with that today..Thought I would just share a few Friday Favorites:

Favorite (fall) Drink:

Starbucks NEW salted caramel mocha….it is SO yummy, if you haven’t tried it yet you should! Might even replace your old favorite, Pumpkin Spice Latte…I’m just saying!

Favorite Fall City:

My Dad sent me this picture last night…How GORGEOUS is New York? I am so jealous my Dad got to be there this week. I can’t wait to go back. I’d love to live there someday.

Favorite Website:

For the Fashionista: Polyvore. Ok this website is AWESOME.  It has so many different articles, pictures and posts from blogs, news papers, basically any website concerning has it! They keep it updated really well and the pictures from New York fashion week are to die for!

Favorite New App:

Have any of y’all heard of Spotify? It’s an app my little brother showed me on Facebook. It’s basically an application that allows you to download music, (the whole song) to make playlists and listen to new music. It has pretty much any song you would be looking for.

I’m currently enjoying ‘No Lies’ By Jason Reeves feat. Colbie Caillat.

Favorite Verse (today anyway):

Thank you Lord for today. For my beautiful friends, my new sweet roommate, Ramie, who has brought so much joy into our house, and for the truth in this verse. My worth is found in you. Let me live in that today, tomorrow and forever. I love you.

A weekend of bliss

“I have found the one my soul loves” – Song of Solomon 3:4

This past weekend was amazing. Whitney and I went to our first friends wedding, I say friend because Whitney and I were invited not our family or parents so we felt like big girls attending Hunter and Harrison’s big day. And what a day it was! Whitney and I rode to the ceremony with our friend Anna-Louise and were instantly connected with old friends. It was great to see so many girls who graduated last year that were Pi Phis with us and lots of current Baylor friends too. When we sat down I got nervous jitters for Hunter. She has been such a beautiful encourager to me and I always love hearing her Harrison stories. I was honored to be invited.

When Harrison and the groomsmen came out it was obvious how excited/nervous Harrison was which made all the girls sitting around me swoon…myself included! And when Hunter came down the aisle the waterworks started. I don’t say that lightly either, the look on Harrison’s face would move anyone to tears. He finally had his bride. The most beautiful bride. The ceremony was gorgeous, the preacher pointing to Christ in all that he said. Our beloved Jillian Edwards sang, ‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’ while Hunter and Harrison prayed together. That was by far my favorite part of the night. It gives me chills thinking about it. A beautiful picture of a couple who chose Gods way, preparing to live the rest of their lives as one. WOW. It was just a testament to all God has done for them in their dating relationship. The whole time I was drawn closer and closer to Jesus. It was amazing. Thank you Hunter and Harrison for allowing the Warren twins to be apart of your special day! Honored.

I also enjoyed all the time I had with my family this weekend, including a Saturday morning walk with my Dad. I love time with you Dad! Especially if I get it all by myself:) We walked the Katy Trail and he told me all about the exciting transitions happening at PCBC. You know how sometimes you talk to someone and as you listen to them you recognize their passions? I’m reminded of that a lot when I talk to my Dad. His passions come out in every conversation you have with him, it’s like he can’t not talk about what God is doing in Dallas. I love that about him and I hope I can be even a tiny bit like that!

This week is busy and next week starts up Pigskin practice every night for give or take 2 hours. I’m enjoying every second.

Busy Bee

Literally been the busiest person this past week with barely any down time to blog! But I am back and happy! Last night Pi Phi had the 50th Anniversary of Howdy and it was SO fun. Our Howdy chairs did and amazing job, thank you Kelsey and Emily! I bet y’all don’t know what to do now that it’s over! There was so many people there and it looked like everyone was loving the bull riding, live band, and free Vitek’s. After nights like last night I just feel so blessed to be in Pi Phi. The community found in this group of AMAZING girls is something I will never be able to explain but it is so wonderful. I’m so thankful God has placed so many stong Christ filled girls in my life this semester. I love y’all!

This past week was crazy with meetings and class but I feel like I am staying on top of it all, or trying to. One of my classes I was really worried about because I wasn’t so sure if my professor and I would get along…perfectionist vs. well me. Haha but I have been asking God to give me a love for my professor and the class, this week it was amazing how happy I was in his class. Laughing at his stupid jokes and not even caring that he kinda acts like a know-it-all! Haha! Little example of how God listens even to our silliest prayers.

I have gotten back into my routine of a morning walk and the mornings have been PERFECT. SO beautiful and so mornings I even found myself wearing long sleeves. AND pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks, which I just happen to be drinking one right now.

I’m going to start to try to make my blog posts a little more organized with an actual subject to read but this one is just going to be everywhere because that’s how I feel right now, like so much going on and thinking about so many different things. I guess mainly right now I am happy and thankful. I just feel like this semester at Baylor has already been so good to me and I have so much to look forward to and so much to be excited about. Thank you Lord! He has been with me in all I have been doing. Holding my hand and pulling me along. My quiet time this morning was about worshipping in everyday occasions.

“God’s training ground, where the missionary weapons are found, is the hidden, personal, worshipping life of the saint.”

I hope I get better at this. Just in everything I do think “Thank you Lord!” just to have a reverence and awestruck attitude towards life. My Dad has talked about that in a sermon before. He used the example of looking at anything in nature, like WOW look at tha flower! It’s amazing. Look at the sky! Look at this or that and be amazed. God I pray you give me a heart full of worship. It is the best way to live.

Kickstart to Labor Day Weekend!

I am in Dallas this weekend and beyond thrilled to be here. I am so in love with this city. Ahhh I won’t get into it but this is where I love to be. Last night Baylor BEAT TCU at home! We had a blast at the game. I seat hopped for a while and then finally landed with my parents at their seats which was so fun because it was right next to some friends of ours who graduated last year. Always great to see old friends!

Currently Listening to: “Go Together” By: Jillian Edwards

Last night it wasn’t killer hot, there was a nice breeze that made it bearable but the student section is not my fav. Everyone all squashed together..yuck. I really was reminded how much I love football season though. CAN’T wait for the colder weather and tailgating, that will be bliss. I have been so blessed this semester with things to be looking forward to and I am thankful for all God has been teaching me. This weekend is going to be great because I have time to be alone, which is rare, and organize my life! My agenda this weekend is packed as much as I’m acting like it’s just a relaxing labor day weekend. Today, I will be running errands, like going to James Avery and getting a ring fixed, more than likely popping into lululemon to see my gals;) Hehe. I will try to relearn the things we went over in math…not fun, I’ll read Hamlet for english and I must get on top of my journalism readings. My editing class will be the death of me this semester. AND I need to type up somethings for Pi Phi into an excel sheet…Excel and I aren’t friends. Haha! Tomorrow, Sunday, will be just as busy with Billy Bobs tomorrow night! that will be hilarious! But with all of this at least this morning I was at home on the Katy Trail and I’m currently enjoying a cinnamon dolce latte at the Starbucks in Highland Park Village. Happy day!