>FBC McKinney to PCBC

>Wow I haven’t written in this in a LONG time! And so much has happened…I’ve had an unbelievable summer through Camp Huawni, Carmel with my best friend and roomie Lindsey and then a 2 week vacation in Estes and Durango…I have been truly blessed by this time but I can’t help but wonder have I wasted it? Is there things I missed through my own relaxed state of mind that God would have had me done this summer? Did I miss oppurtunites? I pray I didn’t but I also pray for more! This morning I witnessed my Dad really walking the walk not just talking the talk. My dad told our church family that he has been called to Park Cities Baptisit church in Dallas, our church before McKinney. And even though I have known this family secret for maybe 2 weeks now for some reason when everyone else knew it seemed even less real than before. God used my Dad to give the greatest sermon he has ever given today! In my opinion…a true example of actions that come from God’s question “Do you love me?” Our families story is inspiring to many but I still wonder ok what is it that I would answer with to that question, sure I have answered yes God we are ready to go as a family where you would have us but what about Emily Warren the Baylor student, the roommate, the sister, the daughter? How is it that I can say “Yes Lord I DO love you” I am still wrestling with that. All I know is that today will be a day I will never forget as I watched my Dad some how become more than a hero to me and I watched the love of Christ flow through our church and into the Warren family. McKinney you will never be forgotten and have shaped me into the women I am becoming! I love y’all SO much…PCBC we’re back…get ready for holy wake up call!:)

Thank you Lord for giving me a Dad who decided he died long before we got here…..