Oscars Review

Can you even imagine being at the Oscars? All of the details we don’t see as we watch from our couches, munching on whatever we found in our pantry 10 minutes before the show started. The thought behind ever dress, hairstyle, and makeup must be amazingly intricate. And while I wasn’t overwhelmed with awe for many of this years red carpet choices I was definitely a fan of some of the looks seen at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Here are my favorites:

Favorite Friends:

Favorite Colors:

Favorite Actress: Kate Beckinsale

Favorite Trend: RED HOT

Favorite Couple:

Favorite WINNER:

Happy Monday!

Doctors appointments, tests, trips LOTS of things happening before Spring Break in 2 weeks! This morning I went to the doctor who has given me an ankle brace to wear for 10days…off just in time for spring break! WAHOO! Thank you Lord! Can’t wait to be running again…I’ll put up a post on this weekend later this week when I have time to brag on how awesome Pi Phi did and all the other Pigskin bound groups!…Until then here’s a current favorite video/song of mine..Hi, Justin and Selena!