Getting back into the “swing a’ things!”


I am so happy to FINALLY be writing to y’all! This post is way over due but I’ll try and fill y’all in a little bit on what has been going on. Really quick, this morning I was able to get up and head to the Katy Trail…shocker! hehe and I ran my 4 miles! Such an amazing morning. Yesterday at 4PM on the Katy Trail a walk started called “Carry the Load”. It is a walk that honors veterans and those who passed during service. Men (and women) were walking with their army packs on and some in full uniform, through the night until later this afternoon. Amazing.

Whitney, BriAnn and I have moved out of our apartment and Waco and will be moving into a house for Senior year..thrilled!! It’s going to be a great year!

Summer so far has been pretty crazy and I feel like I’m finally getting into a routine. Next Monday I start my internship with Texas De Brazil. I’m so excited but I’m also nervous! I have no idea what to wear or expect! I am so happy though because in a few weeks I’ll be headed to Denver with the team for some kind of event! I love traveling and I’m THRILLED to be going. Every summer wonderful opportunities seem to come my way like this. Last year I was able to go to, Malibu, Orlando, Jackson Hole, NC, and Estes Park. This summer I’ll be headed to Denver, Boston, Rhode Island, and Estes Park. I am so so thankful for each opportunity! Denver is with my internship and the rest are with family or friends.

Today will be bliss! We are all just hanging out by the pool and relaxing. I’m going to enjoy time being with family today and remember all of the people who sacrificed so much for me to do so. Sorry this post is so short and random! Many more coming soon:) Happy to be home and getting into the summer mindset.




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