As Ramie’s aka Puppy’s birthday quickly approaches I wanted to give everyone an easy opportunity to celebrate her! So PLEASE leave a comment with your favorite Ramie memory/quote/story whatever you think up when the name Ramie Baker comes to mind..here are a few of mine.

1.Ramie still needs someone to read her a bedtime story..Whitney, BriAnn and I usually rock-paper-scissor it to see whose turn it is. She normally has us change all the animals to chickens and she suggests that the main characters name is always Ramie.


2. Ramie still LOVES stuffed animals. I’m on a mission to find her a chicken stuffed animal…it would only be appropriate. She currently decorates her bed with a deformed Santa and by deformed I mean he is missing an arm, probably an incident initiated by Ramie taping him to a ceiling fan when the pandas were attacking…strange, I know.

3.When Ramies car randomly breaks down or becomes schizophrenic she gets in her wagon and heads off to class! Most of the time there are boys in line hoping they can be her escort to class…you think I’m kidding 😉



4. If the wagon doesn’t work out she can always hope on her horse and get there just as quick! Not to mention cowboys LOVE that, which of course brings a BIG smile to Ramie!

5.Ramie has always lived by the motto, “MODEST IS HOTTEST!” Example A is this floating devise…very fashion forward for her age, not to mention Sebastian and Ariel chilling with the goggle wearer! Anyway, we live this motto out at Tres Grande by enforcing a strong dress code.

Here is an example of a normal, M.I.H outfit!—>


Ramie started living with Whitney, BriAnn and I this past year, I was never worried about the new roomie, but I was curious to see how she would work into our dynamics and can I just say that NO one could have come in and filled that room as well as Ramie has. She has brought so much laughter, joy, smiles, inside jokes, late nights, heart-felt hugs (with occasional kisses) and endless bear trail walks as I finally have a buddy that likes to rehash events as much as I do! My few words will never do our relationship justice, but just as I was becoming weary of school and hesitations of moving back to Waco after an amazing summer, God placed a gift into my life in the form of her, and I will never be the same.

I love that Ramie is full of curiosity and genuinely needs to know what’s going on;) She is very perceptive and can quickly tell when a friend is in need. Empathy melts out of her as her heart reaches for people in need, who are lost, or those that simply are in need of a friend. In many ways I have found things in Ramie that perhaps no other friend has given me and while those things can not be written out for all to understand may I just say that when I am in need I have a friend in you. I love you Ramie, I am thrilled that for the first time I get to celebrate your birthday with you. I hope I am with you for many more. Thanking God for our friendship Puppy.

PS Puppy and Chicken forever


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  1. what i love about ramie. this could take me days! i love that ramie is such an easy friend, our relationship is effortless and natural and so hilarious. regardless of whether she knows that she is saying is funny or not- im dying laughing. i love how much i have gotten to see her grow this year, such an inspiration and a blessing. i love how we can not see each other for days, but when we do, things just pick right back up. i love how much she loves my baby allie marchman. i love that nothing is off limits..she would ask me about anything or say anything she wants or needs to. because a true friend is honest and will want to know about every part of your life, even the gritty things know one really wants to know. i just love my baby ramie so so much!

  2. RAMIE PUPPI!! As of right now my favorite ramie memory is from Friday when she and Abby squatted down in the front yard of the dime and started running dirt on their faces to complete their hobo outfit for pledge dance… Then when Abby said it was working, ramie goes “wait you’re supposed to spit in it and THEN rub it on your face!!!” So they did. Ten minutes later ramie is apologizing to her date for smelling like worms. (duh)
    I love you ramie girl!! You’re wonderful and blunt and honest and hilarious and one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. You make me so happy!! Happy birthday baby!

  3. Where to begin…
    FUN has always been Ramie’s middle name. Everyone knows she loves to be silly, to laugh, and live fully by embracing every moment. That strength has been such a blessing to my family and to our relationship. In some way I think God knew I would need a sister who is so light-hearted and carefree. He knew I needed her.
    Everyone needs a friend like Ramie who sees everything as an opportunity for fun. All-nighters, running errands and long family road trips wouldn’t be the same without Ramie. Her demeanor seems to somehow silently relieve the burdens of others and leave a joyful spirit. I cannot count the number of times God has used Ramie to pull me out of times of hardship or simply a bad day. She seems to always know the cure. Occasionally that cure is chocolate, sometimes shopping, other times an honest word that is hard to hear, or one of her unintentional jokes.
    Ramie’s ability to laugh at herself is hilarious and refreshing. It is a gift that many of us lack and makes everyone feel like they can relax, and be themselves because that is the best way to be. Another life lesson from Ramie that I have needed time and time again. Ramie also has an inner drive that is stronger than anyone I know. She is a hard-worker who always gives her best. Running twelve miles is unimaginable for people like me but she thrives on the challenge. Twenty years has proven to me that Ramie can achieve anything she sets her mind to. She works hard, gives fully, and loves passionately. The fire inside of her makes us all burn a little brighter.

    I’m excited to see Ramie kick off another year as a TWENTY YEAR OLD! This past year I have seen her grow in many ways. What a blessing to see my sister walk closely with the Lord, learning how to more deeply love and forgive as He forgave us. Her growth has been a challenge to me and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store 🙂

  4. Ramie’s energy and spirit are infectious, there is no way not to have fun when you are around her. She will drop anything at a moments notice to make someone laugh, no matter if they think they want to or not. Her carefree and lighthearted spirit is something that I admire so much in Ramie that not many people posses. Not only can she brighten a room with one word, but she can make everyone feel like they are the most important person there and that means so much! There are not enough good things to say about her, and I am certainly not doing the best job saying just how much I care about her, but I love her just the same! I’m so excited for more fun times together, love you so much ramie!

  5. RAMIE!
    I honestly don’t even know where to begin…you are the most fun, kind hearted and lovable person in my life! Your energy and enthusiasm for life is completely contagious. Im not lying when I say that I have the GREATEST LITTLE EVER!!! You’re the only person in the world that I can have “sleep over jams” with … well and Sam. Haha You have become one of my best friends and I am so excited to share this and many more birthdays with you! You’re absolutely AMAZING and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I love you RAMIE!! I hope you have the greatest 20th birthday ever!

  6. Sweet Ramie,

    YOU are such a joy to be around. Not just for me, but for EVERYONE I know! You’re so full of life and love and those qualities just radiate from you. You are so confident in everything you do and especially in how the Lord made you and I just love that about you. You have a way of making people smile and forgetting their worries. This past weekend has been so much fun for me to able to spend with you!!! Especially pledge dance 😉 ….good thing that “chocolate” came off girl. I hope that we are neighbors next year. I really cherish our friendship and look forward to every time we get to hang out. I cannot wait to see where the Lord will lead you in your life. You’re going to do such great things. I just love you so much!!! You’re such a blessing to me.

    Happy happy happy 20th birthday Ramie!


  7. ramcycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you so much hahahahahahha.we always have the best times together. we shack, we dance, we play, and i love our memories together. i love it when you come over, ps come over more. your the prettiest funnest girl at baylor and everyone loves you so much. dont ever change. keep bein you. love you so much babeh!!!!!!!

  8. Ramie: Birthdays are special days and I appreciate you coming to Houston with
    Emily to help me celebrate my birthday two weeks ago. NOW it’s your turn, and I
    hope you have an exciting and memorable birthday tomorrow!! Gramma and I
    will be up for “SING” in a few weeks, and we hope to see you at that time.
    Again Ramie, have a super birthday and I hope you will have many more in the future! All the best, PaPa.

  9. RAMIE,

    Happy 20th birthday ram!! you are seriously like my sister and have become one of my very best friends! You are one of the sweetest girls I know and I am so so lucky to have you in my life! we have way too much in common and I always know I can talk to you about absolutely anything and youll know exactly what to say to make me laugh. I hope you have the best birthday ever sweet girl!!!!!!!!!!! love you more than you’ll ever know!!

    your fave ally

    p.s i get to see you so soon!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. Ramey tame. Man I love that girl.

    “Set an example for you sisters” was always in the back of my head growing up, but truthfully my sisters have taught me so much more…

    Ramie has taught me to trust people wholly, love strongly, and think the best of others. She is fiercely loyal, bold, spontaneous, and vivacious. People are drawn to that. Drawn to genuine. She draws them in with her beauty and unguarded personality, but keeps them with her fierce loyalty and faithful friendship. She has the ability to make people feel completely at ease and accepted when she puts them before herself. That is a gift few possess.

    “Dare to dream” is never a phrase Ramie struggles with. She only dreams in BIG. No matter how realistic or ridiculous- she runs with it. I love that about her! She has an eye for things of beauty, is organized like crazy when it counts, and works hard towards her goals. When she sets her sights on something, she will do whatever and contact whomever it takes to get it done- a trait I like to think she got from our Gran. She is deterred by nothing.

    She challenges me to do crazy things I would never. And always dares to ask the question “well, why not?” I usually never have an answer for her…because she’s right 🙂 Behind my seemingly bold steps as “the oldest” is my inherent shyness. No one is better at pulling me from my shell (despite my fake protesting) than my little sister.

    Her laughter is contagious. Growing up, nights at the dinner table seemed to always be accompanied with a story-of-the-day starring Ramie: full out impressions complete with facial expressions and charade moves. Never a dull moment ☺ I miss that house filled with laughter, shrieking, and constant commotion.

    So many things about the three of us are similar, and just as many things find us on opposite ends of the spectrum. I am so very thankful for both. The youngest of the three Baker girls, and without her we would not be complete. I am so very thankful for you Rame. God had a perfect plan designed when he placed you in our lives as the third Baker girl…for without you, we would not be complete.

    I love you dearly, cannot wait to see all that lies ahead, and HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY!!
    – erin

  11. Happy Birthday, Ramie! I never know when I’m going to look up at a Dallas restaurant and see you sitting at the next table 😉 Always a joy to see your smiling face!
    With love,

  12. Where oh where to begin……..?! You were my first friend I made at Baylor and I can say that it is a friendship that will last a lifetime! No matter what the situation is, you are always there for me. Especially beginning of spring semester freshman year. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to make it through without you. You are an amazing person, Ramie. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend! I love you so much my little east Texas redneck!!!!

    the other east Texan

    Ps- I hope you have the best birthday ever!!!! Yeeeeee!

  13. RAMIE!

    Happy birthday, babe!!! I’ll never forget all our crazy times in Collins messing around doing workout videos, watching movies and irritating the neighbors 😉 Oh and all those lovely Spoons and Tropical Tans runs with Alissa.
    You’re such a fun person Rames and you bring so much joy into everyones lives. Love ya like a sistah. Have the best birthday ever, you definitely deserve it!


  14. RAMIE BAKER!!! i remember the very first time i ever hung out with you, you changed in front of me. this is when i knew i liked you. you always always make me smile and laugh and you’re the most fun girl ever! i love our elliptical sessions and making fun of the workout obsessed old man. i love you and i hope you have the greatest 20th EVER!!!!! you rock my socks.

  15. RAMIE gallllllll

    u know ur my gal 4eva. like 4eva and 4 lyfe. u know dats the truth. and you bette know dat forevzzz chicken.

    ok but really. love you! you are soooo worth celebrating and i can’t imagine this last semester without you!! you are hilarious, loving, and such a joyful spirit!!! you’re the best roomie and friend we could ask for!


    loveeee, BriAnn;)

  16. ohhhhhh Ramie “pioneer women” Baker!! how blessed i am to have you in my life! love love love driving on country roads with you and laughing always! you are truly beautiful inside and out! GOd has some crazy awesome things planned for you and I can’t wait to walk alongside ya in this journey! enjoyyy 20! almost the big 2-1! waaahhhooooo!!! this year is going to be maggiiccaallll!! LoVe YoU to the moon and backkk, TWICE!!!

  17. “God has made laughter for me; everyone who hears will laugh over me.” Genesis 21:6

    “A cheerful heart is good medicine” Proverbs 17:22

    “He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
    and your lips with shouts of joy.” Job 8:21

    When I think of Ramie one of first things that comes to mind is her enthusiastic, infectious personality. Everything about this girl just brightens your mood. Her laugh is contagious, she’s hysterical without trying, and she always is smiling. Ramie is one of those people that you’re naturally drawn too because her spirit is so positive and inviting. She cannot be compared to another because she is like no one else. Happy Birthday sweet girl!! love you

  18. my DEAREST chickenhead, i seriously have no idea where to begin. you are seriously my best friend and it’s SO crazy how much we’ve grown together. From thinking back in the day when your dad would push us in the swing in your back yard in elementary school, to your moms amazing sandwiches, all the way to spending every second together this past summer. So much has happened in between all that, including both of us maturing SO much it is unreal! I am so so so SO proud of the woman you have become! You help me to be a better person every single day without even realizing it! You can seriously change my day just by sending me a simple text. you are so encouraging and uplifting just by being around you. I die laughing thinking about all of our trips and craziness this past summer…dancing to Get Low in the car, not caring that everyone that drives by or at red lights stares at us like freaks.. understanding exactly what each other is saying before we can even explain it… you and I both have changed SO much since high school and i feel like we continue to change everyday, but everyday for the better. I am so blessed to know that i have you as my best friend for life. I’m also lucky i know someone that will actually consider living in Longview again with me hahah. I cannot wait to come visit and meet all of your awesome friends! This is so awesome that they did this blog for you and you deserve it all plus more! thanks for being such an amazing part of my life and for being a blessing to me in so many ways. i don’t know who else i would be so weird with or laugh at nothing with or seriously DO nothing with and it still be fun. fishing with anyone else just isnt the same! God seriously put you in my life for a reason because we are so much alike and we definitely care for the best interest of the other and i’m so glad I have you for that and much more! I hope this year is a blessed one and i plan on spending MUCH of it with you! I can’t believe you’re already TWENTY! Gosh where does time go…well i cannot WAIT for summer and to go on so many new adventures with you. You’re such a strong person and so motivated and caring to everyone. You’re the only friend I have that during the summer wakes up early and works all day for what she wants, goes to work out, and still doesnt complain. (okay not THAT much ;)) haha but SERIOUSLY you are sososo motivated and i’m extremely proud of you for that. Thanks for being such an amazing friend and inspiration to everyone! I LOVE YOU BESTIE! don’t ever change 🙂

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You’re are such a fun person to be around and alwaaayyyssss light up a room. Even if I’m super stressed, your hugs or encouragement always help me out. You are truly the only girl who understands the joy I get from guttig fish, dove, or anything to do with hunting, and I know that of ever I’m doing it I can count you in to be by my side. The first time I got to know you, it felt like I’d known you for years, and you’re in so many of my most cherished memories. I love you Rames, and I hope your birthday is just as great as you are!

  20. Ramie Baker i do not know where to start. we’ve been inseparable since our first “rush date” hehehe. you were so consistent and genuine which i LOVED and now look at us! pi phi sistas AND big/little haha so gay but i love it. i admire you for so many reasons: your strong standards and morals and your high self esteem, you just have your priorities right. any boy (COWboy) would be the LUCKIEST and happiest person to date you!!! hahaha. i love that you know exactly who you are and yet are so humble. i look up to you more than you know and will alllllllways turn to you for the best advice because you are such a true friend to me when i feel like everyone is so self-seeking. i know that you have my best interest at heart and want the best for me, and thats how you base your advice. trust me that is NOT easy for people to do but you do it so flawlessly. you have so so so many awesome things about you but those are a few of my favorites! not to mention you are DROP dead gorgeous! dang africa! hahaha i just absolutely love you and cannot imagine my life without you boo boo!!!!! happy happy birthday! you deserve the best one EVER!!!!

    ps, millie4christ loves you and says happy birthday

    pss, a dolla makes me holla honey booboo

    psss i still DO NOT look like mr. bean, meanie

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  22. Happy birthday ramie!! I love you and am so glad to know you!! You are always so encouraging and such a light to everyone you come in contact with! You can make anyone laugh and smile no matter what kind of day they are having and you make everyone feel like they can be themselves around you without being judged! Love you girl and have a great birthday!!

  23. Ramie!!!!! Oh gosh girlfran you are HILARIOUS!!! I love the fact that anytime I am around you I feel like we have been best friends our whole lives. You are not only a fun person but you are CRAZYYYYYY which is why I love you so much. You have no idea how much joy you bring me. You are beautiful, weird, funny, carefree, and fun fun fun. Can’t wait to hangout with you more…ps baby arms hahaha

    The first time I came to Longview, you were one of the very first people I met and I felt like I’d known you forever. You’re one of the most outgoing and loving people I know and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you. From the crazy Jason Aldean concert to yall’s roadtrip to Jasper, I’ve always had a blast with you. I hope to have many more crazy adventures with you and I hope you’ve had the best birthday ever! LOVE YOUU!

  25. Being parents of Ramie Baker has been a full time job and joy!! (Can we get an amen from her friends?) Her high energy did not suddenly start when she went off to college. The character traits that have endeared her college friends to her are part of her basic nature….She really is hard working, full of energy, determined, adventurous, entertaining, empathetic toward others, inclusive and tender, and loyal in her friendships.
    When she was in kindergarten she practiced hitting a softball into a backstop by herself until she had blisters….long after she had worn us out. She would practice shooting hoops not just until she was good but until she knew she could beat you! Ramie’s humor was evident early when she mimicked to a T an elementary substitute teacher who was rather old with her elastic skirt up above the waist, thick glasses, sagging anatomy(s), writing on the chalk board, speaking in a monotone voice….Her keen observation was dead on as we tried not to laugh. Needless to say, Ramie was the regular entertainment at the dinner table. Organization came early as we turned over the laundry room to Ramie to label everyone’s area. Ramie was her Gran’s go-to person for organizing her closets. Ramie is the person you want to help organize your stuff and tell you straight up what needs to go! (Her sense of fashion started long ago with duct tape purses, etc.) She’s usually the first to cry over her pets but the first to want to go shoot fish or deer outside the yard! Ramie is the closest thing to the son we never had, always ready to go “do something”.
    Ramie has many talents, natural and developed. She obviously has God-given outer beauty, but her inner beauty has been growing steadily. Ramie has chosen to learn from the challenges of her childhood and her teenage years without letting them change the wonderful traits listed by her friends. It is a beautiful thing to observe her spiritual growth that only enhances her humor, heart, and drive. We think she’s ready to leave the teenage years behind and embrace her twenties with gustoooooooo! Our full-time job is over, but our full-time love remains. Happy 20th, sweetheart. We love you deeply.
    Mom and Dad

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