Spotlighting: Kate Spade

Hello and HAPPY, HAPPY FEBRUARY! I LOVE this month..Spring is so close!
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Does anyone else feel like Kate Spade has really upped their game recently? I don’t normally do too many fashion posts but I can’t ignore sharing my new-found love for their blog and recent collection! I used to think Kate Spade was for older women and was never too impressed by their colors and style but boy, have they proved me wrong!

The spring collection is filled with color and it make me SO happy! The fact that neon is in our fashion future for spring is too much for me! SO cute! I think it’s KS marketing that’s really taken a turn for the best! Check out their blog and see what you think! It’s sensory over load in the best way possible:)

Today I am:

  • Running
  • Getting a massage 🙂
  • Hopefully getting outside at some point to enjoy this beautiful day!