Spring Smoothies

As of late I have been obsessing over SMOOTHIES! Seriously. They make me SO excited for summer. Ah to be poolside with a good book and a yummy protein shake. I am so happy it’s finally getting warmer, I know February still has to happen but come on we are so close to spring! Anyway I thought I’d share with y’all some of my favorite blogs that are preparing me for my favorite summer treat!

This site has great vegan, and gluten-free recipes! Really promotes spinach in a lot of the recipes which at first I was totally against until realizing, you can’t even taste it! Not to mention it make your smoothie a pretty green color! 🙂 Love the title too..Blender Girl! My favorite recipe so far is this Home-Made Almond Milk. I made it with cocoa coated almonds so it actually came out more like a chocolate milk! Delicious!

Skinnytaste is AMAZING! It has SO many recipes and I actually stumbled across it this past summer when I made this Skinny Taco Layered Dip for a Mavs watch party! I’m planning on trying Gina’s Skinny Green Monster Smoothie later today!

And last but definitely not least…one of my favorites..20 Slimtastic Smoothies! This has easy, simple recipes for quick smoothies for those of us on the run..or post run treats! As the weather gets warmer I will be trying out these delicious and easy recipes! I also love adding in a few drops of honey into almost all of these smoothies for some sweet taste, brown sugar is also a great add! I become obsessed with smoothies this summer, poolside my Dad would make peanut butter banana protein shakes…still my all time favorite! They make you feel full and energized! Making healthy choices isn’t hard when there are great options out there! Hop on the bandwagon! I promise you won’t regret choosing to be healthy and happy! 🙂

P.S. if you haven’t yet, it’s time to get Kari Jobe’s new CD!



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