2nd Semester thus far..

You know how sometimes you just need to recoup? That’s what I’ve been doing this semester…I’ve been in denial that school has started pretty much…since school started haha. I feel like I had an amazing time with rush and started the year off beautifully with so many wonderful people by my side and now with 18 hours and very little time with all of my Pi Phis I am having to really figure out where my community is going to be this semester. I have been so blessed by a renewed friendship with my sweet friend Lindsey and I am so thankful that I get to have much of my evenings with Ramie. She is a great joy in my life. Last weekend I was in Dallas for Lindsey 21st birthday, we had a beautiful dinner and then were able to hang out at her adorable apartment before I headed home. Dad and I ran White Rock Lake together, and I am SHOCKED by how much I really love running!…Who knew!

This Friday was my Papas birthday…and when I realized that I knew I had to surprise him so on Friday afternoon Ramie and I packed up and headed to Houston. We met at my Aunt and Uncles house before surprising Papa at the steak house. I walked up to the table and said, “Excuse me sir may I sit here?’ and Papa was SO surprised! It was hilarious and SO cute! Ramie and I had a blast with my Uncle Rick, Aunt T, Gramma and Papa! I was happy to share that sweet time with Ramie. Saturday we woke up and ran our 10 miles at Teri Hershey Park in Houston, a great but VERY humid run. Glad we made it out alive:)

After being gone the past 2 weekends I’m feeling a disconnect from Waco and my classes so my own personal goals this week is to revive my motivation for school and just life in Waco in general, it’s a city I’m easily bored with and I don’t want that to be the case so I am excited to prioritize my time and really try to get into a pattern this semester of a healthy, happy year! I’m looking forward to this week and all it holds!


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