Instead of a “Friday Favorites”, I thought today I would try a new post! A list of the “little things” I noticed today that made for a wonderful day!

Starting with a morning workout with Whitney and Dad at Lifetime, the sun was shinning and I could tell it was going to be a GORGEOUS day, which it was…truley gorgoues! After the workout and a quick chance to get ready for the day, Dad and I headed to HP Village for some shopping and studying…he did most of the studying while I did most of the shopping.

Who doesn’t love a day at Starbucks where it’s just you, music, and the worldwide web:) I snagged a window seat and sat back to let the people watching begin. After finishing up some of my own to-dos, I walked from the Village over to my favorite place in Dallas, Lakeside. Leaves are changing. Wind was blowing. Sun was shinning.

Dad, Mom, Whit and I headed to Hillstone for a delicious dinner, where we enjoyed each others company and I filled myself up with their delicious clam chowder! Final family event: Watching Elf together in PJs. Truly a glorious day!

Here are a few beautifully simple things I noticed today:

– Smiling mother playing with her baby in the backseat of their car.

– Kindness from a stranger to my Dad.

– Chiwawa dressed up as Santa-belt and all!

– A smile and a wave from a down-syndrome boy.

– Encouragement from a personal trainer to a struggling weight lifter.

– Hearing my Dad sing and play his guitar in his room- My favorite of the day.


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