Top 5 Blogs: A post for every girl

Recently I’ve been able to catch up on some reading…not books but blogs! I’ve discovered a whole world of them and I’m loving it! Here are a few of my new favorites….

All of these blogs explore crafts, style, fashion and design! The first, is a recent find that focuses on the simple things in life..hints the name! The second one is a new favorite as of right now, literally you can find ANYTHING on this blog and the graphics are so fun. The third is actually my friends older sisters blog. Created to promote her Moms new shoe line..Dee Keller shoes, AMAZING! The fourth, Coco and Kelley is a fabulous blog with tons of design tips for outfits along with home decor. I LOVE IT! And fifth, last but most definitely not least is my ALL time favorite blog, cupcakesandcashmere. This blog inspires my own in so many ways, helps that the author name is Emily;)

Loving these creative and insightful writers! Hoping my own blog can evolve like theirs have!


One response

  1. Emmie if you have time to read you HAVE to read pioneer woman!! PLEASE PLEASE I want you to become just as obsessed as I am…it took me two days to read it because it’s so good:) Take it to Starbucks with you and fall in love. Miss my emmie!!

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