New title!

I decided to actually name my blog and it has been a LOT harder than you’d think! But I’ve settled with “Lavender Daffodils”, I think lavender is a beautiful mature color and the daffodils comes from my most recently favorite poem by William Wordsworth. It’s called, “I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud.” Read it! It is gorgeous! I’m hoping this name sticks but who knows, maybe over Christmas break I will have some moment of genius and fall in love with a new title but for now it is!

Recently I have been doing anything and everything recruitment. Recruitment chair is seriously intense and I’m so thankful I’ve had this position because it just makes me respect ANYONE in a leadership position in a college oragnization..haha things are CRAZY! I have 3 finals and then I can officially ENJOY Christmas and this wonderful time of year. Two of them will be pretty hard but my last one shouldn’t be too bad and I’m thankful.

I’m currently playing around on my computer and watching the first cut of Pi Phis slide show for slide show day…EEEKKK it looks great and I’m thankful for the work our friend Brennan put into it! I’m so excited for recruitment week..and I can’t believe it’s so close. BriAnn, one of my roommates and her boyfriend Tim are here. They are headed to a Christmas party in a little while, (don’t worry I was invited just can’t go) Hehe! I can’t wait to have more time over break to put up more posts. Dallas I can’t wait to see you!!!!

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