Kendra Scott, you have my heart!

I’m currently OBSESSING over Kendra Scott and her genius COLOR WHEEL on her website. If you haven’t heard of her then you my friend are out of the loop! The jewels and colors she has are beautiful. It’s perfect timing for Christmas present shopping because all I did was create and design some earrings, saved them in my “shopping bag” and emailed my username to my Mom so she can check it all out for herself. 🙂 The color wheel is so simple and allows you to design with the exact colors you want. All you have to do is click and drag the stones of your choice to the earring. This picture is a bracelet I designed with Baylor as my inspiration! I love the green and gold color combo!

My first piece of jewelry I purchased from her were her Danielle Earrings. Gorgeous huge stones, very simple. I decided to customize them and go with a turquoise color. They are by far my favorite earrings right now. After you design your jewelry you can save it and look at it again later or hold off on purchasing them all at once…it’s very tempting to do though! Here is a glimpse of my future purchases:) Hopefully adding in a few pieces before the Baylor Bowl game in San Antonio! Would love to rep Baylor with some KS earrings.

Found a great interview of Kendra in her new location in Dallas at West Village. Click here to watch! This interview is from our friends at LOLO Magazine. If you haven’t heard of lolo and creator Lauren Scruggs, check it out and be diligent in prayer for Lauren as she heals after a tragic accident this past week. Lauren accidentally walked into a moving plane propeller walking to thank the pilot for taking her and friends to overlook christmas lights in Dallas. Our thought and prayers are with her during her recovery.

Kendra loved this post!:)


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