Dear Future Husband,

I miss you, I don’t even know you but I know I miss you. Tonight was really fun, I went to the Baylor/Texas game and afterward there was a big party put on by two fraternities at Baylor. But I know it all would have been more fun with you. Especially the dancing. I think I get sad sometimes, especially tonight because you are doing such a good job hiding from me! Haha. But I can’t wait to spend my life with you and have a constant companion and partner in crime. I can’t wait to know who you are.  I can only imagine how wonderful you will be. Was just thinking of you and wanted to write it down. I love you. -Emily



One response

  1. Girl sometimes I think my prince charming got lost along the way! He is coming though and just think how great he will be when he actually finds you! It will all be worth the torturous and sometimes lonely wait 🙂

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