“Fall brings a calmness to the soul. It reminds us that change is inevitable.”

Isn’t that quote true? I think that’s why fall makes me sad and somber. I love change but there’s something about it that also makes me realize I’m growing up and my falls consist of projects and finals not so much jumping in big piles of raked leaves or carving pumpkins. Not that we don’t still have that inner child in us as growing young adults, it’s just the concept of time that doesn’t seem to allow me to make a homemade Halloween costume or run around outside playing in the fall leaves. This fall I’m going to try to find the child in me again. Make time for outdoor adventures and bake fall treats, remembering that I’m not quite “grown up” yet. The cool weather does slow me down and I’m happy I’ve recognized it so I can fight the fall blues. I’m just such a sun girl. I love the sun and warmth from it. I’ll find that in soups and coffee, maybe a fire pit here and there this fall/winter season. While change is inevitable, doesn’t mean I can’t make a few changes that will benefit me and bring joy to this chilly weather!

Prayers for today:

Peace in all of this chaos. Motivation in classes. Passion for leadership. Joy in all things. Confidence in Christ.

A humble heart that recognizes its lack of control and accepts Christ’s complete control through a surrendered spirit.


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