Monday isn’t so bad

Today has been a pretty productive Monday and although I should be reading a few packets for my editing course right now I’m taking a little time to write a few thoughts. I woke early this morning not to walk but to study for a British Literature exam, which I do believe I ACED! Wahoo!! I love the mornings so much. I lit some yummy fall smelling candles and stayed in my P.J.s to study with coffee in hand. I guess I just love me time so much and the morning is when I get the chance to have it since nights are filled with Pigskin practice and meetings, ect. I am so thankful for days like today though where I just feel productive and my list of to-dos is happily being checked off as I continue through out my very planned day. This morning my quiet time was about staying directly in the path of Christ. The mission that every single work you do would be glorifying to Him, everything you do, you never even think that it was you doing it but always turning the glory back to him. I’m so far from that point. I rarely think I just did something amazing but if I am proud of myself in some way I think to myself, “Go Emily!” How silly of me. If I truly live in Christ then it will always be a thank you back to Jesus. This morning I committed my test to God and asked Him to help me through it. So in my earlier sentences when I said, “I ACED” my exam….I guess I should change that, God allowed me to recall all I had studied and He gave me the words and recall to do great! So thank you Lord for answering the smallest prayers of a college student.

A few favorites today:

JJ Heller on repeat. French braids for class to Pigskin practice. Goals being set. Sunshine. Old friends reaching out in love. Walks. New admirers. Phone calls with grandparents. Worn sweater from workout to library. Revenge on Wednesday. I love this picture.

“There were scars before my scars, love written on the hands that hung the stars, hope living in the blood that was spilled for me.”



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