“Today has all the potential to be wonderful.”

I am reminded recently the importance of good choices. I realized this a lot this summer. Every choice I make affects my tomorrow, whether it be choosing good company, or choosing to work out, eat healthy, choosing to not skip class, I mean everything is a choice. And only I can choose most of them. I want the choices I make to show Christ in me. Perhaps that is the whole point. Yesterday at PCBC my Dad continued his sermon series of ‘Thy Kingdom Come’. He spoke on The Good Samaritan, a story, most of us have heard but he did a great job keeping it fresh and pointing out new things I had never thought of. His main point was compassion. The Samaritan had compassion on the man left to die. God has compassion on us, knowing we too were left to die.

“But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness”-Psalms 86:15

In the parable, the Samaritan didn’t minister at arm’s length, and neither did Jesus. I think that is something our culture has missed. We think that giving money to charities is enough. Our hands are clean and we feel good about the work we’ve done, we helped someone and didn’t even have to get out of our comfort zone, just had to get out our check book. I know that sounds drastic but it’s true. And when we “minister” this way. The people we help seem so distant. We miss the opportunity to know the hearts of the ones we help, we miss their stories, we miss the relationship.

Dad made great points of when compassion rules in our lives. I think the one I most connected with was “compassion rules in our lives when we have the eyes of Jesus.” Once we see things how Jesus sees them we can better understand our role in situations and we can SEE the people how Jesus sees them. Lord, I pray you give me your eyes to better see people how you see them. Take away my judgmental spirit and replace it with your compassionate heart. Dad also talked about the things acts of compassion will require of you. Again, there was one that really resonated with me. It’s that compassion will require you to live with a heavy heart. I’ve experienced this in relationships before. It is a tough thing. Loving the under dog can leave you heart-broken. My Dad has said it this way,

“Grief is the price we pay for love.”

I have seen this to be true in my life but I know the great joy of having loved someone well. Loving them the way Jesus would have. My prayer is that God would awaken the compassionate spirit in me and remind me where my heart should live and who it is that is missing the love of Christ because of my disobedience. Give me a person today God. I love you, thank you for the sunshine and for life today.


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