Friday Favorites Week 2

I’m sad I haven’t had time to post in between Friday Favorites but that just shows how busy I’ve been! This week had 2 midterms (YUCK), Pi Phi stuff and just anything else you can think of. Between friends, school, pi phi, pigskin, meetings, interviews, family, church, homework, I can barely stop for a break…BUT guess what?! I’m on one now! Fall Break…I LOVE YOU! Whitney, and I came home Friday after my last exam of the week. I can’t begin to explain how much I love Dallas. Just being home, hugging my Dad I got a little teary eyed. I am content and at peace here. It is the greatest feeling and I need to recognize what it is that makes me feel so calm and peaceful so I can take some of it back to Waco with me.  The best days are days like today.

Last night Whitney and some friends of ours helped my Mom throw a square dance party…yes you read that correctly and it gets better…for the English Second Language group at church. Most of them are Asian. So basically we attempted an Asian square dance! Haha! The people are so sweet and I’m so glad my Mom has found a fun place to serve!

Ok time for some (late) Friday Favorites!

Favorite Album:

Last week I was raving about Joe Purdy..and I still am! But yesterday morning on Spotify I listened to James Morrison’s new album “The Awakening” and it is SO good. Fit my mood perfectly, thoughtful but happy too. I can’t get enough. Especially his song ‘In My Dreams’

Favorite Purchase:

I love this headband from lululemon! On my morning walks my ears get so cold as fall makes its way to Waco, so this is exactly what I’ve been missing. Today when I went in to Lulu they were having a sale (small and rare but still a sale!) So I went a bit crazy and stocked up on a few favorites! Working out is so much more fun when you have cute clothes to wear! I LOVE all my new purchases:)

Favorite Charity:

This morning my Mom and I met up with my cousin Stephanie on the Katy Trail. Steph volunteers with ‘Paws In The City’. It’s an organization that works to end pet overpopulation, abuse and neglect in city’s. The dogs are SO cute.

Especially this little one!

Favorite Team:

Will always be my Baylor Bears! Sad about the loss today but glad we never have to play the aggies ever again! WAHHHOOOO!!! 🙂

Favorite Quote:

Just beautiful.

Tonight the family is watching the Rangers game…which currently we are winning! And earlier I got to go on a walk with just me and my parents. It was a sweet time and I love having them all to myself. Home sweet home.

A beautiful day to be alive!


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