Friday Favorites are here!

Happy happy HAPPY day! Friday..girls dinner tonight for BriAnn’s bday. I am so excited! We’re getting dressed up and heading to BJs in Temple TX. Par-tay.

Favorite Artist:

JOE PURDY. He is amazing. A friend of mine introduced me to his stuff and he is the perfect sound for fall. He sings raspy and slow and you will die. So so good. Next rainy day listen to, “I Love The Rain The Most”and “Rainy Day Lament”.

Favorite Roommate:

BRIANN DORRIS! Duh! It is almost her birthday so she gets favorite until the next bday hits our place. BriAnn is a light in my life. We’ve been friends for around 9 years and I could not ask for a better friend than the friend I have found in her. She constantly draws others to smile, she preservers through the toughest of times seeking to find God in all things. She encourages Whitney and I daily and she never ceases to make me DIE laughing. She is growing into such an AMAZING woman of God. I admire her. One thing I think is maybe the best thing about BriAnn is she can get anything out of anyone. I have never felt judged by BriAnn, she will have you saying things you thought you’d NEVER tell. That part about our friendship might be the most special to me. Thank you BriAnn for listening and seeking my friendship when you knew I needed a friend. I love you and I can’t imagine college without you. You make me smile and laugh more than probably anyone…Ramie is close though ;). I hope this next year brings all of the blessings you deserve. Thank you for choosing daily to follow and serve God. P.S. YOU’RE 21 BABY! 😉

Favorite Recipe:

This weekend I am making this with some girlfriends and I can’t wait…NUTELLA puppy chow.

Favorite Picture:

Leighton is so cute. Makes me want to watch Country Strong this weekend. Maybe I will!

Favorite Quote:

This is adorable and it makes me smile.

Happy weekend everyone, if you see BriAnn tell her happy birthday! And follow her on twitter: @brianndorris


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