“Happiness can be found most anywhere, you need only look.”

I can’t tell you how much I love that quote! I am so busy this semester that I have to make myself pause and look around. This fall and winter I’m going to make it a point to try to find the sun. No matter how cold it is I just need to be outside! Today is beautiful.

Yesterday Whit and I had our first intramural football game of the season. It was hilarious and C team is the best! My afternoon yesterday went a little like this: Class, library, friends dropping by, service, sub dinner, intramural game, pigskin practice, homework. It really never ever ends! God is teaching me so much though and really opening my eyes to possibilities of all that’s still here for me at Baylor. I think Senior year people kind of check out but I can’t even believe that’ll be me next year…surreal! So I really am trying to make the most of this year and so far I have been doing just that! It’s been the best semester of my college life so far I think. God did so much with me this summer and now He is continuing a daily work in me. I hope He’s changing me for the better day by day. That is my prayer, that there would be less and less of Emily and more and more of Christ.

Our house is doing so well. With Ramie in the mix my heart has been so full! She has brought so much joy to our house. One of my best friends. Whitney and BriAnn are doing great, my roommates point me closer and closer to Christ and I am blessed to have them in my life. Whitney and I have been able to hangout and be together more this semester which has been maybe my greatest blessing. Whitney is truly turning into a beautiful woman of God. She is my hope sometimes. I love you Whitney!Oh and BriAnns bday is coming up in 5 DAYS! She will be 21 WAHHHHOOOO;) We are just going to do a roommate dinner and then maybe something next week actually on her b-day! I’m sure I’ll do a b-day post for her..hehe if she is lucky!

“You are always faithful; always good.”-Gungor

Today is just as busy as usual but I am thankful for a break now. God, today I pray you would do whatever work needs to be done in me. Open my eyes to all that you would have me change, release, or get rid of. I want there to be nothing between my heart and you. Thank you for my time here at Baylor and thank you for never giving up on me.

Day: Thursday

Currently listening to: Gungor

Mood: Thankful, calm, content

Weather: Sunny and Windy


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