Finally a break!

I finally have a little bit of time for a break this week! After a test Monday and Tuesday I finally have a little bit of time to myself. Ah I love it. I have been so busy, getting to bed late that I have been really bad about my morning walks. BUT this morning I was able to get myself up out of bed for a morning walk. I was reminded of the importance of that time in my day. This summer my morning walks were a huge deal to me. Completely changed my normally very undisciplined self into a person who really values discipline. I know that’s something I don’t want to change and I’m not planning on letting it! 

This week has been huge for God and I..and it’s only Wednesday! I am so happy with all he’s been teaching me and continues to teach me through others. I was feeling very stuck and I was praying asking him ok God what is next for me. I felt like I had let go of somethings that had piled up on me being back at Baylor, and he completely shocked me with what his plan has been for me. He has once again made everything seem so small compared to His grace. Our greatest faults and sins here on earth have no match for his grace. I think that is what God has been reminding me of.

I’ve also been so thankful to Pi Phi this past week. SO many leaders, encouragers and courageous testimonies. My Papa has been recovering from a surgery that removed a bit of cancer they found and it has been a very hard recovery. I sent out an email on Tuesday to the chapter asking for prayers and within maybe 30 minutes of sending it out asking girls to stop and pray, my grandmother said Papa was feeling SO much better! I think I know why…200plus girls were praying for him! The community that is Pi Phi is so amazing to me.


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