P is for: Perserver

I am overwhelmed.

I mean really so much going on. I had my first test of Junior year today..haha that is weird. It went really well, due to me not having a social life this past weekend. Praying tomorrows test goes as well as todays! It’s Ideas of mathematics though, so who knows what will happen with that. I haven’t taken math since junior year of HIGH SCHOOL haha!! But I have been very consistent, doing all of the homework, being present in class and I know my professors office hours by heart because I am almost always in there asking questions galore. This is just a quick post to vent I guess or just act like I have time for blogging. A girl can pretend can’t she? It’s like I almost see the light after these tests and then I realize I have pigskin practice or another meeting or project. I guess this is just how things work! And don’t get me wrong I CAN NOT wait to be in PIGSKIN as a first place participant! GO PBP. Tonight will be my first practice with PC 11. I love them and I’m so excited they get to be grannies. God has used them in great ways to bless me and they are continually blessing this new freshman class. I am so proud.

Can’t wait for tomorrow afternoon to get here. 3:15 will be my favorite moment of tomorrow.

Test free, quiz free, ah what a feeling that will be!


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