Busy Bee

Literally been the busiest person this past week with barely any down time to blog! But I am back and happy! Last night Pi Phi had the 50th Anniversary of Howdy and it was SO fun. Our Howdy chairs did and amazing job, thank you Kelsey and Emily! I bet y’all don’t know what to do now that it’s over! There was so many people there and it looked like everyone was loving the bull riding, live band, and free Vitek’s. After nights like last night I just feel so blessed to be in Pi Phi. The community found in this group of AMAZING girls is something I will never be able to explain but it is so wonderful. I’m so thankful God has placed so many stong Christ filled girls in my life this semester. I love y’all!

This past week was crazy with meetings and class but I feel like I am staying on top of it all, or trying to. One of my classes I was really worried about because I wasn’t so sure if my professor and I would get along…perfectionist vs. well me. Haha but I have been asking God to give me a love for my professor and the class, this week it was amazing how happy I was in his class. Laughing at his stupid jokes and not even caring that he kinda acts like a know-it-all! Haha! Little example of how God listens even to our silliest prayers.

I have gotten back into my routine of a morning walk and the mornings have been PERFECT. SO beautiful and so mornings I even found myself wearing long sleeves. AND pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks, which I just happen to be drinking one right now.

I’m going to start to try to make my blog posts a little more organized with an actual subject to read but this one is just going to be everywhere because that’s how I feel right now, like so much going on and thinking about so many different things. I guess mainly right now I am happy and thankful. I just feel like this semester at Baylor has already been so good to me and I have so much to look forward to and so much to be excited about. Thank you Lord! He has been with me in all I have been doing. Holding my hand and pulling me along. My quiet time this morning was about worshipping in everyday occasions.

“God’s training ground, where the missionary weapons are found, is the hidden, personal, worshipping life of the saint.”

I hope I get better at this. Just in everything I do think “Thank you Lord!” just to have a reverence and awestruck attitude towards life. My Dad has talked about that in a sermon before. He used the example of looking at anything in nature, like WOW look at tha flower! It’s amazing. Look at the sky! Look at this or that and be amazed. God I pray you give me a heart full of worship. It is the best way to live.


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