Kickstart to Labor Day Weekend!

I am in Dallas this weekend and beyond thrilled to be here. I am so in love with this city. Ahhh I won’t get into it but this is where I love to be. Last night Baylor BEAT TCU at home! We had a blast at the game. I seat hopped for a while and then finally landed with my parents at their seats which was so fun because it was right next to some friends of ours who graduated last year. Always great to see old friends!

Currently Listening to: “Go Together” By: Jillian Edwards

Last night it wasn’t killer hot, there was a nice breeze that made it bearable but the student section is not my fav. Everyone all squashed together..yuck. I really was reminded how much I love football season though. CAN’T wait for the colder weather and tailgating, that will be bliss. I have been so blessed this semester with things to be looking forward to and I am thankful for all God has been teaching me. This weekend is going to be great because I have time to be alone, which is rare, and organize my life! My agenda this weekend is packed as much as I’m acting like it’s just a relaxing labor day weekend. Today, I will be running errands, like going to James Avery and getting a ring fixed, more than likely popping into lululemon to see my gals;) Hehe. I will try to relearn the things we went over in math…not fun, I’ll read Hamlet for english and I must get on top of my journalism readings. My editing class will be the death of me this semester. AND I need to type up somethings for Pi Phi into an excel sheet…Excel and I aren’t friends. Haha! Tomorrow, Sunday, will be just as busy with Billy Bobs tomorrow night! that will be hilarious! But with all of this at least this morning I was at home on the Katy Trail and I’m currently enjoying a cinnamon dolce latte at the Starbucks in Highland Park Village. Happy day!


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