Fall Favorites

This post might be a little premature but I can NOT wait until fall at Baylor. It seems like every season is my favorite in the beginning but this year I really couldn’t be more excited for fall.

Currently listening to: ‘Renaissance’ by Matt Kearney

Besides the record-breaking heat that has hit Waco, I always think fall brings a more relaxed feel to Baylor campus, the students, the professors, we’re all getting back into the groove of things and everything isn’t as crazy as it was at the beginning of the semester. Well, for me and many other Baylor kids, that might not be the case with fall parties, pigskin and such but still it will be nice. I know this semester is going to be hectic, even today my day was packed full. I am thankful to have a little bit of time right now to write about whatever my little heart desires. Hehe! I’m ready for movie nights with my roommates as the air grows cold outside and brisk morning walks before anyone else is up. That’s when I can think and prepare for my day with God. So far in college fall/winter catches me off guard and the past two years I have stumbled greatly in my faith during this time. I’m not sure why but I am happy I have recognized that. Perhaps my endurance runs low or I become complacent being back in Waco. This year I won’t let that happen again, while the weather gets colder it doesn’t mean I have to. I’ve had such a beautiful and fresh start this semester. I can tell nothing about this year will be my “norm”. Thank you, God!





I’m so excited for fall, I wanted to go ahead and find some must haves/must dos for one of my favorite seasons! I love, love, SCARFS in the winter and fall! So cozy. They remind me of a summer in London and Paris with my best friend after senior year. Georgia and I packed more scarves than anything else I think! Whitney likes really colorful scarves but I think I like mine solid color, very simple. The one in the picture is perfect because you can wrap it around as many times as you’d like, depending on how cold you are. This might seem silly but the other thing I CAN NOT wait for is all the pumpkin drinks/cakes/pancakes to come back! Oh, I don’t know what is better than a pumpkin spice latte on a fall evening. Makes me melt just thinking about it! A few more things that I couldn’t be more excited for: Windy afternoons, boots, long sleeves, dark nail polish, thanksgiving break, football games, family, homemade soups, new memories, jeans, fires, happy, happy day!


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