The Secret Place

Currently listening to: ‘Love Like Rain’ by Daniel Doss Band

This morning my quiet time was about meeting with the Father who is “in the secret place”. I love this. I think the intimacy that comes with this thought is so rewarding. Of course God is everywhere and at anytime we can call on Him, but to recognize that there is a secret and wonderful place to meet with Him and cast your burdens down, I just am so thankful.This semester is going to be the craziest one of my life, once Pigskin practice starts up I’m literally toast in my classes! And I am going to feel so worn at times, tired, probably frustrated and I’m going to need an outlet that can rejuvenate me. I’m thankful to know where the best rejuvenation can be found! And it isn’t in friends, working out, parties, where ever people try to find peace. It is in the secret place with the One who loves me more than I can ever understand. I pray that today as I go to ballet, math, journalism, a meeting for rush, I just am begging God to be with me through every part of my day. I’ve realized a lot this summer and even this semester, and my most humbling realization is that I cannot do this all alone. So Lord find me. Here I am. God please be with me today, let me walk so close to you that I become less and less and that you are seen more and more. Because what else is there? Thank you, Lord. In Jesus name.


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