Summer Workout: Wardrobe

This summer, as I’ve been out and about more I’ve realized my style has changed a great deal..much more comfy and much more sporty! Maybe this is just a phase…phase or not, I’m digging it! I thought it would be fun to show a little of what this new style looks like! So here are a few of my go to pieces, workout or hanging out.

My little in Pi Phi, Abby, and her family LOVE this store called Lululemon. If you are a women and you’ve never heard of it…quit reading! It will save you hundred of dollars if you just stop reading and keep wearing your nike shorts! Haha I’m just kidding but seriously this store is AMAZING! I LOVE IT. I can’t even tell you how much I have been/bought from there this summer…here are a few of my favorite go to items from Lulu:

The quality of all of it is so GOOD and you won’t want to wear anything else. I’m just saying! My favorite places to work out this summer, since we are in between gym memberships, has been neighborhood walks, our pool, White Rock Lake and Katy Trail. Most recently I have been out on Katy a TON! Will be there tomorrow morning before a tour of Buckner with my Dad and Whitney. Should be a great time! Here are my new favorite shoes:

They are awesome! Luke’s Locker will hook you up with exactly what you need and there is a new one that just opened up on Mockingbird. So after you get your new shoes, hit up Lulu and then I’ll catch you on the Katy Trail! Hehe…love finding new things to enjoy.


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