Top 5 Dallas Restaurants

As I get sentimental about heading back to good ole Baylor and leaving my beloved Dallas behind I thought I’d think up a few of my favorite places to eat, drink and be merry! These are in no specific order, I just tried to bring in a couple of different food styles.

Numbero 5: Digg’s Taco Shop

This is THE cutest and quickest taco place in Dallas. Being right across from SMU, on Hillcrest it is usually packed with college kids hungry for their awesome guacamole. My order usually consists of a solo taco with shredded beef and cheese. Delicious!

Number 4: HILLSTONE, although to me it will always be the original Houston’s.

Our Hillstone location in Dallas is in Preston Center Plaza, which is right by our old house so after church we would walk on over to Hillstone and I would constantly order the Hawaiian rib eye. The juiciest steak ever. You will die and go to Heaven and then come back and have another bite. YUM.

Number 3: Village Burger Bar

This is one or maybe my Dads number one pick almost every time we go out to eat. The atmosphere is so fun. It’s in uptown with a Starbucks just around the corner, which I always seem to have room for even after a huge burger! I could be boring and tell y’all my normal cheeseburger order but I think I’ll send y’all to my Dads favorite, since he is the King of VB. He orders the turkey burger. Much healthier choice and just as yummy…if not yummier! My family LOVES their skinny fries but MOST of all their sweet potato fries. So G-O-O-D

Number 2: Taco Diner ( I know, I know, another mexican place)

But this one is different! The difference to me between Digg’s and TD is the atmosphere, along with location AND menu. There seems to be more families at TD and the location is closer to Northwest Highway and…a Starbucks….hehe. The dip they give with the salsa is so so awesome. You will be full before your meal if you’re not careful. I usually get a salad or the cheese burger…I’m serious, Whitney and I always split it because it has like 3 patties or something crazy like that? Mmmm it is good. So Digg’s college hippy feel/TD families, both pretty casual.


Ok this is actually number one for me. It is an amazing restaurant in the arts district. I went here for a birthday dinner after a friend suggested it to me and let me tell you I have NEVER seen a restaurant so beautiful designed and decorated. There is one in Fort Worth that I have never been to but the Dallas one is unreal. There is one room and the walls are covered…covered in peacock feathers…naturally. The food is just as artsy as the decor. You will get popcorn as an appetizer, whether you order it or not. And maybe it was just me but the waiters are least that’s how I remember it? Haha! The peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie tower is a must…I mean MUST.


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