Rest up, and go!

Today we have one day in Dallas in between our Charlotte trip and Colorado. Wind River Ranch finishing up my summer. My hope and prayer is that this trip solidifies all I’ve changed and learned this summer. The mountains of Estes always seem to speak clearly to my family. We have had many challenges come to our attention there, last year it was the possibility of Dad leaving First McKinney, one year it was my Moms breast cancer. This year it will be me, growing up. And I am thankful.

Charlotte was a blast! We were able to go to the lake house, which is GORGEOUS! My Uncle rebuilt it, it’s a dream. It was also so good to see my cousins, not all of them but two of them were there! Mary Blake, who is a year younger than me at UNC and Taylor who is 4. Haha he is darling! My Grandfather, to me, seems to be getting MUCH older and he no longer has a filter from his brain to his mouth. I’m not sure his brain is working well enough to send the right things out anyways. My heart was reminded of my love for the elderly as I watched him, sit while everyone ran around and played, spilled his drink at dinner and looked like a sad little puppy as everyone cleaned it up, and as he hugged us all goodbye. Love you Granddaddy Gene.

My grandmother was SO sad when we were about to leave so Travis and I wrote her little love notes and hid them around the house for her, got a call from her at the airport thanking me. My Grandmother takes care of Granddaddy all the time because she is able and still as young as they come at 72. I am thankful for perseverance and Christ like example for me.


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