Sweet Summertime

I’ve had pretty much the most amazing summer so far…and it’s not over yet!

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

I just wanted to blog a few more must do summer events/meals/places that I’ll have to put on my list for the end of this summer and summer 2012. Summer is by far my favorite season. Peaceful, hot, and exactly what I needed this year. WOW. I am thankful.

How simple and pretty is this little painting? For those of you who don’t know my Dad is an artist and I’d love to get him to bust out the paints and give me a lesson. My brother had his very own today! I love the idea of a blank canvas and all it’s potential..I won’t get into it but so much meaning behind that to me. Fresh starts..which we all know I am a firm believer in! Even if you don’t have a Dad who is a Vincent Van Gogh wanna-be you can still play and make something beautiful! Maybe even sign up for an art class. My Aunt took a little calligraphy class and loved it! So you never know. A class I’m dying to get into is Beyond Pilates in Dallas, hoping to jump on that after our Charlotte trip.

Another thing I really missed this summer that is on my list for next is fireworks on the Fourth! While I loved being at Thee Camp, it wasn’t quite Americas bday without them.

Today Whitney, Mom and I went and got manicures and pedicures. That is something I MUST do in Waco more. It is quiet and so relaxing! I think there are many things I’ve learned this summer that I want to back with me and I promise that manis and pedis are not the main or most important thing haha!

This picture to the right is a favorite of mine today. Another thing I want for my summer that can continue on into the year is for me to allow myself time to dream, draw, think, breathe. Just get away from the obsessions of life. I love this “dream board” she has created and while space is of an essence in this picture, I think I might know the perfect place for my very own “dream board” that doesn’t take up too much space in Waco. This summer I found myself at Starbucks with time to kill. TIME. I’ve been able to go there in the mornings and play on my computer, read, think. I must give myself time to have these fun little side projects, I must give myself time to rest and laugh and live.

Oh what the future holds for me!


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