Love and hope have found me here.

Current Location: Couch in our den, I love our new house so so much. Ah, it has so many windows and the sun shines in all day but my favorite time of day is when the sun is slowly setting and its warm rays are flowing into our house, onto our furniture and bringing light into my room.

Current Mood: Peaceful, restful.

Current Worries: Minimal, if anything it’s being uneasy about the future. The future of past habits at Baylor and being able to carry my new habits back with me. Examples would be, the habits I have placed in my thoughts, morning workouts. My whole mindset is different.

God, thank you for my fresh start this summer. Everything is new. My room is beautiful and I have found so much peace here. I am able to make my own memories and I am so thankful for every new day you give me. I pray when I return to Waco you will allow new memories to find me quickly as I become the college student you envisioned me to be for you. Draw me closer to you because I don’t want to try to be in this world without you.


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