Dayspring Camps

Oh what a wonderful summer this has been for me. So much renewal of lost loves, like blogging, music, sunshine, driving. I mean this summer has been SUCH a turning point for me I feel like. And I don’t say any of this lightly. From the Malibu trip, that just cleared my mind to Wyoming that solidified my love for adventure, Florida which embedded more of a passion for Pi Phi in me and Thee camp, which reminded me the importance of community and being surrounded with a family of believers.I have learned so much and it isn’t even over.

Currently listening to: Skyscrapers BY Demi Lovato

So far the week has been a lot of fun and it’s only Tuesday haha! My group of kids are so cute..they’re mostly ten-year olds. We do a lot of different things with them. It’s basically camp without the sleepover part. We have archery, BB guns, swimming, crafts, random sports and games. Today some of the kids got pretty deep during our “devo” time. Prayer requests included, an Aunt who is on drugs, a Father who has to help overtime at work because his boss broke his back and a Mom who has been drinking a lot lately. I was SO excited when the kids opened up like this..pretty neat in just the short time we have to talk. One little girl said devo was her favorite time of the day. Made my heart smile.


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