Back From Austin


Verb: Satisfy (someone).

Adjective: In a state of peaceful happiness.

Exactly the state of mind I’m in. Content. After a wonderful weekend in Austin with the Berlins, I am truly content and happy! AND thankful! Really thankful. There was a news story out one morning about Shannon Stone, a firefighter, who tumbled over a left field railing while reaching for a ball at the Rangers game and fell twenty feet onto concrete. He died at the hospital. He was 39 years old. My heart was and is still broken for their family, and Josh Hamilton who threw the ball. That story stuck with me through out the weekend and I became very aware of how precious life is. I mean seriously. I hope this is a lesson I can take with me, because the truth is today could be the last day of my life, it really could be. Who am I to know?

Currently listening to: Love Like Rain BY Daniel Doss Band

Tonight we are having a young family from church over to swim and have pizza! I’m happy my parents are already putting our wonderful backyard into great use! It will be my turn once everything is a little more unpacked, only then will we have a pool party for Baylor kids haha!

This weekend I was also reminded of how much I love Austin, I mean what a beautiful city with SO many things to do! I love it. I went with the Berlins to Austin to watch Tori while they went to the Davis Cup. Those of you who don’t know what that is, you are me before this trip, haha. It is an American tennis tournament thing. Well not so much tournament just a bunch of matches to get the cup thingy. Haha! I did a great job explaining that if you ask me!

Bryan Bros celebrating their victory!

Anyway it was USA against Spain and the Spanish team stayed at our hotel, the Four Seasons. SO cute how excited the oldest Berlin girl, Annalee would get about seeing them! Made me get kinda excited too. They were all very good-looking with kinda long wanna-be-Tarzan-hair. But it works. foreigners can pull off anything …Note to self when I’m abroad he he anyway what else to be expected from my sweet Tori then a trip filled with memories of giggles, manners, and more giggles! Tori is really growing into herself and has quite the humor these days! Can’t believe how big she is getting…thankful as ever that she still seems to care for me so. I am blessed.

“To be loved by a child is the greatest gift of all.”


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