Good Morning

Hehe how cute is my gal right there!?

Currently Listening to: She’s Like Texas BY Josh Abbott Band

Great start to my day= Walking with Whitney! I love her so much. Having a twin is having a built-in friend…I’m so happy she is back from Spain! I woke up happy today! Which seems to be happening to me A TON recently! I am thankful. Last night after Thee Camp reflection service, Whitney and I went to get yogurt with a family friend of ours and we had so much fun. My Papa and Gramma are in town visiting just as I leave for Austin. So that is a bummer but they will still be here when I get back on Sunday. I’m going to Austin to nanny my Berlin girls, the ones I have been with for about 5 years. They are precious and I am so excited to get to be with them all weekend. Pretty much Tori and I will be hanging out by the pool all weekend while Dr. Berlin, Leah, and Annie go watch some professional tennis. I’m packing my “Mary-Kate” PJs that Whitney and I wore banquet night. Haha! That way when Dr. B and Leah go out for a night the girls and I can have a fun sleepover. Oh how I love these girls. I am so HAPPY, thankful, overwhelmed, LOVED when I am with them. Tori has been the one person in my life who I have been able to watch grow. And my goodness how she has!

Thank you Lord, for my relationship with sweet little Tori. I pray you use me to be an example in her life as she gets older and even now. Even this weekend I pray I will be a wonderful role model for her.

“He who influences the thoughts of his times, influences all the times that follow. He has made his impress on eternity.”

I love this quote. To me it just means that generations must pass down all they know, and the things we teach moves onto the next generation. My prayer is that the legacy I leave continues the message of Christ and His love for all mankind.


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