Thee Camp

I’ll start with one word…wow. Thee Camp was an amazing experience for me. This was a very special thing for my family to do all together..Yes, the whole family was there, Travis as a camper, Whitney and I as counselors, Dad as the speaker and Mom even did a little talk herself, with Dad of course haha! It was about dating relationships. This week of Thee Camp was a full circle for my family since this last year of craziness. My Dad was youth minister at Park Cities for 11 years and many of the traditions they have, he started. So I think it was really special for him to be back…probably something he never thought he would be doing would be…

A. Going to Thee Camp again

B. Going as the speaker of Thee Camp

It has all been such a testimony of what God has had in store for my Dad along with what God has had in store for my family.  Truly wonderful.

This week I had 8th grade girls and let me tell you they are…HILARIOUS! I honestly can’t believe some of the things they was all too funny. All of my girls were very in tune to the Lord this week I believe, except perhaps one, whom I think has much deeper issues that will not be resolved in a week so I need to allow myself to be in constant prayer for her. I enjoyed the amount of responsibility I had as a counselor, even having my own rec team! I hate rec. Haha so on my morning walk after day 1 I prayed for Gods energy and strength to be THE best rec leader ever! And I’m not so sure I was the best ever…but I sure did pump my kids up! From then on we won every game we played except for maybe two? Haha! Funny how you can pray about silly little things like that and God still comes through for us.

I learned multiple things this week but I think the best part of this week is that it wasn’t a spiritual high for me, and I guess you could say well duh you were a counselor, campers have spiritual highs. I think I am more realistic, understanding the steps I must take from here on out if I want my direction to take me to my intended destination. My Dad did a talk one night about how your actions and decisions you make take you to your destination. You can’t instantly just get to where you want to be, you have to get on the plane, and if you get on the wrong plane, or go the wrong direction if you will, then everything in your life is WRONG, the friends you have, the “seat” you’re sitting in. Everything. I think I have been, no I know I have been on the wrong plane, and everything about my past year has been wrong because I have not been in the center of Gods will. Lord please don’t let that happen again.

I am thankful for the work God is doing in my life and the realizations I have seen in my own self.

I love you Jesus, thank you God for looking past my sin through Him.


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