Dear Pi Phi

Hey y’all! I am sitting at the Orlando Airport waiting on my flight and I have quite some time so I thought I would take the time to THANK YOU for allowing Julie and me to represent y’all at convention! From Julie and myself, we are so thankful for the opportunities we received at convention. It was truly an eye opener to me! I can honestly say it is a trip I will NEVER forget and it just made me SO excited to be back with y’all in the fall. It was amazing to meet women who have given their lives…yes LIVES to Pi Phi.

One thing I took away from this week was how STRONG Pi Phi is nationally…I mean like really strong. We met so many leaders from other schools and were able to build strong connections and get so many new ideas. I’m SO excited!

I also wanted to let y’all know how BLESSED we are to have the AAC and the alumni we have…some schools struggle to find women to fill their AAC and have to skype their AAC who they’ve never even met.

I just could not be more thankful. Thanks for reading! I wish EACH one of you had been there!! PPL!