Place My Hope In You

Dear God,

My hope is not in you tonight. Tonight I do not have peace. But I’m asking you to bring those things to me. It is so hard sometimes to stay a float in this world. I feel like I can be doing so good and then past decisions or unfinished conflicts come back into my mind to haunt me. God please take over these situations. Allow these situations to leave me. Come into my life and let me give these problems up to you.

Oh Lord, thank you for all that you do for me in hard times and how you can pull me out of the darkest places. I pray that this summer you would remind me again who I am. God, please remove those from my life that are toxic and place Holy friends who can build me up and I them. God, that is my main prayer that you would guide all of my relationships and friendships. I need this more than anything. Guidance from Christlike friends, PLEASE bring more and more of those into my life this year and remove those who pull me away from you. God, I know the path I want to be on. It’s your path, your plan for me and I pray that tonight I will take a few more steps down that road.


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