Goodmorning, another day of moving!

Last night I was SO frustrated because I was letting others actions control my time, energy, and thoughts. Lord today I pray that you are the center of my thoughts and my actions prove that. Please allow negative people to leave my life. I pray that you would shape every one of my relationships so that they would all be glorifying to you.

So today is a fresh start and I started it off by waking up early and going on a walk with Ellie. I love the mornings and I need to continue to remind myself that cause sometimes it is SO hard to get up early. I think I might get my letter from Sterling today, I really hope so! I want to know what’s going on with camp! We are still unpacking today…and for like the rest of our lives. No but seriously we have SO much to do and I’m kinda happy to escape it for a little while because I head to Florida…TOMORROW for Pi Phi convention! I can’t believe it, I haven’t done anything for it! I have been so busy with the move and it’s going to be so hard to pack for it with all of my stuff everywhere! I’m getting my self excited now though…..Oh and my room at the new house is a mess but that’s ok I’m just going to get everything setup and then add in all the things that will make it wonderful! The movers are coming AGAIN to put together beds and things like that. AND finally coming to the little Villanova house to get all the things left over here. So it will be a long day but Travis comes home tonight from a mission trip and I’m happy it won’t be just me and Mom and Dad…we need more HELP with all the unpacking! Ok I gotta go. Hopefully I can write more later. Long day ahead. Oh and our movers are SO cute! Happy to see them again today.


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